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E.Isinbaeva: I Want, that my record has staid hundred years

the Double Olympic champion in pole vaults Elena Isinbaeva has given the big interview to the newspaper Sports - the Express train in which has told about the come to the end Olympic Games, about the world records and about the private life.
- I with the great pleasure watch for a long time already your performances. To whom to the first has come to mind to transform your competitions into performance and who so brilliantly realises this idea?
Isinbaeva has sincerely burst out laughing:
- Anybody thought out nothing. It is all occurs spontaneously, alive, so at all I do not know, why you had such opinion.
- because competitions to your participation most of all remind well prepared show in which it is thought over and srezhissirovan each step, each detail.
- Perhaps, the matter is that I each time prepare for competitions equally? If I am closed from all by a towel I do it on all tournaments. I prepare for jumps too equally. Another matter that it turns out to take heights on - to a miscellaneous. When from the first attempt, when with the second. But it is pleasant to me that people so perceive all. It is good after all when public goes on stadium as on show.
- want to tell, what even white, red and dark blue blankets (in full conformity with colours of the Russian flag) with which you with a head were covered during competitions, - too an impromptu?
- Certainly. At us simply equipment such. I also used it, without thinking thus, as in what order I take.
- you usually finish competitions when all other sportsmen have already stopped to act. Do it intentionally?
- Is not present, certainly. Itself so it turns out. I always begin competitions with the same height - 4,70. Another matter that other girls begin with smaller heights and I should wait for them. Some sportswomen in general do not reach my initial level. So I at anything.
- And how to you most is more comfortable - to act, when in parallel with your jumps pass competitions in other kinds or when remain one before all stadium?
- it is difficult to tell. I love, when one. When all attention is turned only on me when all support only me. But in it too there are complexities. After warm-up it is necessary hour on ones and a half - two to leave in calm, and muscles thus cool down. Adrenaline vanishes. However, it is necessary to leave in sector, it comes back. Actually I not so think of it much - have got used. But if you say that my performances look as performance, I am glad. It means that I perfectly cope with the role taken away to me.
- Therefore I also thought that with you the whole command of the people who are responsible for the scenario of your behaviour works.
- Is not present, it not so.
- And services of the image maker when - or used?
- Is not present.
- And in general how much you are given to yourselves during such competitions, how Games?
- it is not given Absolutely not. Everything that I here do, is stipulated by those or other obligations. Here only I act only for myself.
- Really does not irritate the fact of what each your step is in advance painted on minutes, irrespective of your desire and mood?
- Same infrequently occurs - only after large successful competitions. Photosessions at me happen three or four once a year, another matter that for one such photosession I do set of photos which then long and almost continuously where - that are published. I do not exclude that someone can have an impression that I do not undertake a pole in general, and I am engaged exclusively in high life: advertising projects, a press - conferences...
- I suspect that in Beijing does not remain the person who would not know that you are enamoured. And it was necessary to feel madly lonely, thus that from the sports party all was in a full order?
- Such happened. And I am glad that these moments behind.
- it is easy to you to converge with people, to get new acquaintances, contacts?
- Now, yes. I in general should undertake nothing for this purpose - people to me go. But after all to get acquainted and start to communicate simply and where it is more difficult on - to believe to the present to people who surround you. When the sportsman on a success wave, from friends and acquaintances of a release is not present. As well as from those who constantly offers any help, approaches with any business offers, simply wants to make friends. And to understand, who is who, to me it is now much more difficult, than some years ago when I was anybody. Though anybody by and large did not betray me. Probably, because I never up to the end trust in people.
- It was necessary to burn?
- Not in it business. Simply I do not believe that someone can make for me the decision more correct, than I can accept itself. I do not believe that if I will open soul, the person sincerely will help. Certainly, there is a circle of people on which such relation does not extend. My parents, the sister, now here - darling. They never will betray me.
- Lena, and in what you now see motivation to continue performances?
- I do not know... To be the focus of attention, achieve success, to do popular the sport that kiddies from me an example took. I often receive letters to which children write that have started to be engaged in pole vaults that want to be same, as I... Write that always watch my performances, scoop in them energy. That, looking at me, understand that all is possible. These words also move me forward. And on the other hand - that I can do still? Besides in sports I needed to hold on only four years. Absolutely other life then will begin. Not such sated. Perhaps, even boring and monotonous.
- you are afraid of this moment?
- Hardly - hardly. It is assured that I will not be gone: I am am surrounded with good people, there is a strong back so I will find the place in life.
- At least approximately represent, than would like to be engaged, that the new trade brought the same passion and pleasure which are brought to you by sports?
- Such employment are not present. And I am more than similar emotions when and anywhere I will not test.
is just and should frighten most of all.
- It also frightens. On the other hand, I at all do not exclude that in four years I can be tired itself of sports to such degree that I will want quiet life. Or, on the contrary, I will find business which begins to inspire me absolutely on - new.
- and to lose you are afraid?
- Strong people do not think of defeats. Here and I do not think.
- this year your plans are already finished?
- Is not present. Still it is necessary to act in five competitions, first of which will pass on August, 29th in Zurich. Then Bruxelles, Stuttgart, Shanghai and Korea.
- As you manage to be in good shape throughout so long time?
- it is difficult, certainly. After all even the strong devastation from the endured stress, from all this attention is now felt. On the other hand, to act after a victory on the Olympic Games on any other tournament - as on domestic competitions to arrive. I prepare for these starts, naturally, I concentrate, but psychologically I feel absolutely quiet for result.
- in due time I was not bad familiar with Sergey Bubkoj and till now sometimes I remember that result, on which Sergey was capable in the prime of life, it and has not shown. Preferred, as well as you to beat world records, adding on one centimetre, and time is then simply cunning. At you now an enormous stock over a lath it is obvious all. Never comes to mind thought to leave in sector and ka - ak sharahnut?
- Here in 2012 ka - ak sharahnu - also I will leave.
- and where your limit lies?
- I do not know. Vitaly Afanasevich (present trainer Isinbaevoj Vitaly Petrov. - the comment B. V) says that it lies within 5,15 - 5,20. Here 5,20 also I will jump in London. I think, it will be enough that anybody and never has interrupted this height. That I remained not won in track and field athletics.
- well, know, even Michael Felps when has won the eighth gold medal in Beijing, has told that at all does not consider that this record should remain in the history for ever. Because, from its point of view, any record should not stand eternally.
- Me will be enough if I stays hundred years.