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V.Mutko: In London the Chinese superiority will not suffer

On Monday, on August, 25th, at the international airport the Sheremetyevo - 2 solemnly met the Russian Olympians. One of passengers Gold flight on which the majority of the Russian sportsmen - the Olympic champions of Beijing - 2008 has landed, - there was a minister of sports, tourism and the youth policy Vitaly Mutko. Right after performances with a salutatory word   before meeting fans the official has communicated to representatives of mass-media. - China has achieved stunning success, having won the Olympic Games with record quantity for itself gold awards. It has occurred for the account development new sports...
- I Think that Chineses - unfortunately, for all of us - already go to technical sports. We with you see: pole vaults, high jumps, the same fencing... It is traditional ours Sports - technical sports. Certainly, we should keep here the positions, and there where they are lost - to return. And in such sports to which they have already come - very difficult with them to compete. We will admit, on a diving. I absolutely objectively speak, it is valid so. They jump - and such sensation that they simply do not have nerves. Technical readiness is that that all eight jumps well on one breath - is simple as the got toy. All suppose one - two errors - as our Dima Sautin who then effort of will pulled out prize-winning places. But, of course, there are sports where Chineses cannot dominate yet. And, certainly, we should pay attention to it. And not to give the, that`s all.
we had it the : boat racing, sports gymnastics - we dominated in these sports. And now - look: they have already appeared in boxing. I think that in London world sports in certain degree will not suffer already such superiority. Because is, of course, subjective sports where much is estimated subjectively. The person in art or sports gymnastics here acts - it is very difficult to estimate there. It seems to me that all of them normally and equally jump. Suddenly we look: lift to someone an estimation. To it it is so much - that points, to it it is so much - that... Or the boxing - it now became absolutely subjective. Us there nearly... At me even heart hardly has not stopped, when our Lesha Tishchenko boxed last day in the ending. You saw, yes: five - three, then five - four, then six - five... That is, it was such drama! I had even such sensation that its some blows - it beats - them simply do not consider!
certainly, at us now it is necessary to return a problem the positions in the international sports movement, in federations. There other principles, certainly, work. It is necessary to struggle and there, to win the places: to enter into technical committees, in judiciary boards. To enter into judiciary boards it it is very important. Because here the Russian judge and the Italian, let us assume, sits - and the Russian sportsman acts. The Italian will judge normally. Because if it will take a jaundiced view - the Russian judge can react also. It is very big game - much that it is possible to tell, and I here have drawn the big and serious conclusions.
- as estimate result of the Russian Olympians?
- It is possible to tell that our result is approximately our objective result. Know: where - that have lost a medal where - that have found - as we will admit, in a hundred-metre race. Have lost a stick of the American, have lost a stick jamajki - well, and it is good, glory My God! (Laughs) Our little girls have excellent run in relay race 4100. That is, actually where - that something have lost. There are also insulting things. I am very upset for Tanju Lebedev - it the great sportswoman: after a trauma, it was prepared... It were its Olympic Games, but here this centimetre when it should become the Olympic champion and there was the second... Well, whether also loss it? I would not name it loss. There are sports where we, maybe, a little bit have unsuccessfully acted. We will gather and understand.
- your impressions about conditions in the Russian delegation during stay to the Olympic village?
- Conditions were fine. It seems to me, we managed to unite all in one command. It was really one big command: there was a general staff of attendants - it worked and functioned. Children had fine conditions. We tried to support them in all. We had every day a special ceremony when we celebrated winners and prize-winners. At us was the Russian house Where children also were invited - that is, there were such good and friendly conditions.
- that good from seen in Beijing from the point of view of the Olympic Games organisation our country perejmet for preparation of Games in Sochi?
- A lot of good. And from the point of view of the organisation, and stochki sight of functionality of sports objects which have been constructed. Once again I speak: this luxury and any global projects is not necessary to anybody. Functional objects are necessary. Many Olympic objects in Beijing are objects of educational institutions. You come is a usual educational institution. We will admit, aviation institute. That is, it that remains then to students. There are fantastic objects which they realised. In particular, we, maybe, have lost positions in boat racing. But when I have seen in Beijing this water stadium - well how there not to win?! Also it would be desirable, that we have transferred this experience to Russia and have constructed same. From the point of view of the organisation we will adopt all these things, of course. But there are also things - negative experience which to us needs be not to repeated. Took one million person of volunteers. There are ten persons - you ask them how to pass. One shows there, another - there... Certainly, they actually have given everything on the Olympic Games that at them was. They tried. The most important thing that we should adopt from China is to win next time more medals (laughs).