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Rogge fulfils the promise given to Putin

Today to Moscow there arrives the president the IOC Jacque Rogge. It is its first arrival to our country after 119 - j sessions the IOC in Guatemala. Thus, the promise " will be fulfilled; in the near future to make a trip to Sochi which head the IOC has given to the president of Russia right after how the world has learnt about a victory of the Russian city in dispute for the right to accept Game - 2014.

However, Rogge will spend this evening in Moscow where it is waited by the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov. In their conversation speech for certain will go about chances of Moscow to become capital of the first in the history of summer Youthful Olympic games of 2010.

the IOC, as it is known, too has accepted the decision on establishment of these Games in Guatemala. When has expired term of giving of demands, it was found out that intention to accept summer Youthful games officially have declared 11 cities of four continents. But the Moscow mayor reasonably believes that our capital should have the priority right. After all, as Yury Luzhkov at recent session of executive committee OKR, " has reminded; in 1998 the city has excellent spent the World youthful games, besides we have unique experience in the organisation of children`s and youthful sports, excellent sports constructions .

members the IOC should accept The decision on where these Games will pass, voting by mail in February, 2008. Also it would be desirable, of course, that the president the IOC has come to opinion that the guaranteed success of these Games is more important than any other factors, including geopolitical.

tomorrow morning Rogge accompanied by president OKR Leonid Tjagacheva and our oldest member Vitaly Smirnova`s IOC will take off for Sochi. There it should meet the president of Russia. Will accompany head the IOC the chairman of the Coordination commission the IOC on carrying out of XXII Olympic winter games, legendary mountain skier Jacque - Claude Killi and the general director the IOC on the Olympic games of Zhilber Felli. Some days ago in Lausanne Felli has informed that together with Jean - Claude Killi it will arrive in Sochi the day before to have time to examine by the helicopter area of the Red Glade where it is planned to spend all mountain starts. Simultaneously Felli has not excluded possibility of that together with the president they will have time to look at the IOC and area of the Imeretinsky valley where the Olympic village will be constructed and the Olympic park is created. Felli has especially underlined: and him, and its colleagues are inspired by that fact that on the scales building in the Imeretinsky valley exceeds scales of construction of the Olympic park created in London to Games - 2012.

Who will be present at a meeting of two presidents with the Russian side, besides Leonid Tjagacheva and Vitaly Smirnova, to assume difficultly. Most likely, Simeon Weinstock recently appointed the head of the State Olympic corporation it is entrusted to them to carry out all Olympic building.

it is not excluded that except the Sochi theme (it is unconditional, main at this meeting) the prospect of Moscow to accept the first Olympic youthful games, and a nominee of the Russian sportsman recommended for election in structure of the Commission of athletes the IOC will be discussed also. Now this place is occupied with quadruple Olympic champion Alexander Popov. On Monday, two days ago, executive committee OKR has supported to prolong its powers. As a matter of fact, the president of Russia already told about the same with the president the IOC in Guatemala. But there was a formality: OKR should direct to the IOC the corresponding document. On newspaper materials Sports - the Express train