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B.Sinitsin: Martirosjan could knock out the Pie

Boris Sinitsin, the world champion - 2000 in the first easy weight (under version IBC), the best boxer of the world - 1994 (under version IBF) has commented for - Sports results of Saturday fight for a title of the world champion on the average weight (under version WBO) between two Russians - Dmitry Pirogom and Gennady Martirosjanom.
- the Result of this fight was for me expected. I, truth, thought that the Pie victory will be reached on points, instead of it will appear preschedule. Also I assumed it, - that Martirosjana will have a spirit on first three - four rounds, - to knock out the contender and to win ahead of schedule. But, knowing the Pie, I think that this scenario was improbable. From its party I expected that he will not allow the contender to work on a close distance and as a result will translate fight in late rounds where already would try to win on points.
as a whole on fight it is possible to tell that developed under the described scenario. Everyone did and showed for what it prepared on a ring. As I also have told, Martirosjan followed the tactics - it was visible that it did also that it achieved in the first rounds. From its part the Pie too followed the tactics and was not got involved in rigid cabin in the fight beginning. And then - when already Martirosjan has got a bit tired - the champion has started to develop the advantage of hands, growth and ability to work on a long distance. It was difficult to applicant to steal up to the champion because the Pie - very artful and very well boxes on counterattacks, operating in a waiting manner. Basically, it is to the Pie and it was necessary - that the contender went on it.
Circumstances have developed so that the staff of Martirosjana has decided not to continue fight already after the tenth round - from - that at the boxer the big hematoma was formed. The applicant already practically saw nothing on a ring - here again, I think, they have arrived how should arrive. To risk health of the boxer in two remained rounds it would be extremely irresponsible.
once again I will repeat that the result of fight is quite natural. But it is possible to congratulate both fighters that they have shown really excellent level of boxing, and fight has turned out very beautiful, and, basically, unpredictable. Yes, I expected that the Pie will win - because this contender in all senses approached it. But, nevertheless, there was a probability of that the course of action will turn in other party, and Martirosjanu will be possible to knock out the champion. It does not happen, but all the same fight was very strained. Also I will add that it is the big success for all Russian boxing - that our two boxers challenged among themselves a rank of the world champion. On - to mine, such yet done not happen in the history of world boxing.