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Two such different drawn games

Victor Ponedelnika`s deserved the master of sports Column, the champion of Europe on football of 1960 Always when commands play houses - and both our clubs played houses - and, especially, when it their first matches in group, trainers, probably, put one problem before football players: to win a victory. Unfortunately, yesterday it was not possible to win to our commands, though, from the point of view of staginess of the shown football, matches have gone right. If to speak about game Zenith of course, the duel outcome was in many respects affected by the unsuccessful beginning. When the command of the first passes a goal, it always demands from it additional physical and psychological forces. As has occurred in game with Alkmarom . At the same time, this match was distinguished by one interesting detail. Namely: opposition of two Dutch trainers - Dika of the Lawyer and Lui Van Galja. After all the trainer Zenith Perfectly knows the Dutch football, and even trainers, like as, are friends. That is, game Alkmara its game in defence should not have the big secrets for the Lawyer, and, first of all. That was more unexpected that the first goal was hammered by visitors. But, to honour of football players Zenith they have managed to correct a situation. Let and only with the help odinnadtsatimetrovogo, Zyryanov appointed for a pulling down. By the way, the halfback pitertsev was one of the most appreciable in the field this evening, and as it seems to me, it deservedly is one of the main applicants for a rank of the best player of Russia following the results of a season. Anyway, Timoshchuk realised a penalty, and after that at Zenith there were some more real possibilities to come forward. As after removal of the player of contenders our command time most part in the numerical majority. Alas, despite game advantage, it was not possible to win, and in this plan the drawn game for pitertsev became insulting result. And on the contrary, a drawn game fixed in a match between the Locomotive and Atletiko I would name saving for our command. The Spanish club has appeared in all beauty, having shown all attacking power, first of all, in the form of two Latin American forwards. So it has turned out that this evening I observed for the first time of game of Argentinean Serhio Aguero and, should recognise, it has all inclinations to grow in the great football player and, at least, to reach level of legendary compatriot Diego Maradona. They, by the way, even something are similar: and under the external data, and on a game manner in the field. It was necessary to admire those moments, in which Aguero scored goals. Accepting a ball, it instantly got rid of guardianship of defenders and struck exact blows. I did not see many years such delightful game attacking and have taken great pleasure, observing of game of the young Argentinean. Therefore it is necessary to give due to the Locomotive that it, playing with such strong contender, has not retired to the background on a course of a match and has stood on hind legs. The command not only has managed to even up scores twice, but also left in the second time forward. Yes, from time to time it was looked through nesygrannost between players. But in comparison with that was on an extent bolshej championship parts (after all Byshovets constantly said that it builds a new command), it was already visible that command actions are gradually adjusted. Besides, football players aspired to play up to the end, tried to help all time each other is as became the big plus for the Locomotive . Thanks to such on - to the present to command game, Loko could resist to Spaniards and not lose.