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povetkinu have given one more chance to battle with Klichko

Russian boxer - superheavyweight Alexander Povetkin has received one more chance to be overcome for a title of the world champion under version IBF which Vladimir Klichko owns. According to manager Povetkina Vladimir Hrjunova, it is offered to Russian to take part in the special qualifying tournament IBF which winner will receive a rank of the obligatory applicant.
we will remind that once Povetkin has already won similar tournament, having got the best of Chris Berdom and Eddi Chembersom, however fight with Klichko and has not taken place. For the first time the Russian hero has received a ridiculous trauma, and in the second - boxers and have not agreed among themselves then Povetkin has been lowered in a rating.
- Klichko has told that Povetkin can not come again on a press - conference, - quotes Hrjunova TK Russia - 2 . - I think that in this connection Vladimir should take an interest at the managers about a course of negotiations between our commands. Perhaps they incorrectly informed it. But at that point in time there was no signed contract, and there were essential disagreements under its project. It also became the reason of our absence on a press - conference. It can be compared, for example, to our desire that Klichko has visited ours a press - conference in Moscow, devoted to a theme of struggle against a dope. Then it, by the way, manager Bernd Bente has declared that we can do any a press - conferences, however Klichko should not be on them.

- however after a press - conferences in Frankfurt IBF has, seemingly, accepted a position of Klichko.
- I personally was present at session of appeal court IBF devoted to this theme on which there were also representatives of Klichko. The question has been asked to us, whether we are ready to agree on offered Klichko of a condition. We have told « Is not present ». For this reason IBF also has applied corresponding point corrected, having lowered Povetkina in a rating on the nearest possible step. Therefore it is impossible to say that IBF has accepted a position of Klichko. For example, now this federation suggests Povetkinu to take part in a qualifying tournament.
- Klichko also has declared that fight with Povetkinym will take place at a distant day. When, by your calculations, Alexander can spend a title duel?
- I Think that in the autumn of next year. I hope that the remark of Klichko - younger about readiness of passage a dope - control is not preparation, like cardboard Povetkina which its command used in connection with not occurrence of Povetkina on a press - conferences. What, as a matter of fact, Bente also admitted.