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Anniversary Levi`s in Russia

Original Levi ` s Store - one more possibility to join the American dream

is executed Tomorrow year from the date of opening of the first and not so unique in Russia (the material see the same page) firm shop Levi Strauss - Original Levi ` s Store. The shop has been opened in common joint-stock company the Trading house ` Central Department Store ` and firm Dzhamilko - official dealer Levi Strauss. Certainly, in comparison with almost sesquicentennial experience of existence of world famous firm year of work of shop - term small, but quite sufficient that chairman of board of directors Levi Strauss Robert Haas (Robert Haas), the shop which has visited recently, has told about its work: perfectly well! and the shop administration is not inclined to consider it only as a compliment.

it is interesting that the tradition of creation of firm shops Levi Strauss has arisen in Europe, instead of on to the historical native land popular jeans where they initially were on sale practically everywhere as articles of prime necessity. Naturally, firm shops are similar among themselves, as scoop from one source therefore new collections arrive in Moscow and Parisian Original Levi ` s Store practically simultaneously. But there are also distinctions. The main thing consists that tastes of the Moscow and Parisian buyers all - taki different, and the administration of the Moscow shop is compelled to consider it at selection of models. For example, for a year of work of shop it became clear that the Russian customers prefer female models of jeans, and narrower whereas 80 % of the European women carry jeans of man`s breed.
in the near future in shop the assortment jeans mini - skirts and shorts will increase. It appears, these mysterious Russian very much are interested in shorts and mini - skirts even in dvadtsatigradusnye frosts. In new vesenne - a summer collection which will arrive in shop in the end of February - the beginning of March, all wishes of buyers will be considered: except shorts in it also there will be man`s trousers - klesh.
For the last year the shop assortment has considerably extended: began here with seven models of the jeans, three models of shirts and four models of sweaters, and today only jeans are presented by 21 model. And certainly, on sale there is the most well-known - 501 - I - the model entering, by magazine Fortune estimations, in the list of 100 goods, which Americans do best in the world. At the moment this model is presented in shop by 11 colours and 40 sizes.
the unique moment which has changed for year of work not to the best, is the prices - they have a little increased. Today jeans stand approximately 100 - 120 thousand rbl. A sweater and a vest - about 50 thousand, a jacket - about 150 thousand But it appears, and this problem can be solved: in honour of an anniversary of activity Levi Strauss in Russia on February, 19th and 20 all goods in shop will be on sale with 10 - a percentage discount. And the buyers who have appeared in shop at that time of day when one year ago it has been opened, the pleasant surprise waits. What - while secret.

shop Original Levi address ` s Store: Moscow, Stoleshnikov of the lane, 9, bodies: 928 - 34 - 63.