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Exporters of the Russian potassium

Manufacturers of potassium in the CIS have created the uniform export company

foreign trade Liberalization has put before the Russian raw exporters an acute problem of control over an export stream. The exit on foreign markets of small traders the Russian raw materials has caused their destabilization and acceptance by a number of the western countries of the protectionist measures directed against the Russian export. Unlike raw branches with a wide range of manufacturers where control over manufacture and export without state participation is almost impossible, in trade area potash fertilizers a situation more favorable. Unique three manufacturers of potash fertilizers have found simple enough and effective form in the CIS for carrying out of the co-ordinated policy in the field of manufacture and export of production. The Russian joint-stock companies Uralkaly and joint-stock company Silvinit And association Belaruskaly have created on individual share joint the International potash company . The yesterday`s meeting of a management of recently created company has been devoted forthcoming sales of 1994.

Representatives of the enterprises which have entered into the joint company on which share it is necessary third of world volumes of output of potassium and which in essence are unique manufacturers of this production in the CIS, tried and to co-ordinate the policy earlier. Nevertheless different financial systems and the legislation, and also not co-ordinated economic policy of the governments of Russia and Belarus did not lead to desirable results. At the same time VAO agrohimeksport through which in 1993 the basic stream of export of potassium from the CIS was carried out, could not provide to the full control and regulation of total amounts of manufacture of an export product and its sales abroad.
According to experts, association of manufacturers in the joint export company will help to solve all collected problems. To it will indirectly promote and enough good situation which has developed in the markets of potash fertilizers by 1994. Long recession of world production and consumption is replaced by a tendency of growth of sales volumes and improvements of price conditions. Experts consider 1994 as year stable consumption with prospect of growth and on the future. That intentions of members new Russian - the Belarus company in the opinion of the western competitors did not look as desire to monopolise foreign markets, founders the International potash company underline that their problem - the decision of especially internal problems of potash manufactures in the CIS. Anyway, according to the observers, the new form of interaction of three world`s largest potash manufactures will affect and an alignment of forces in foreign markets. In already mastered markets of Europe and America where questions of restriction of export of potassium from the CIS remain actual, joint efforts, certainly, can influence situation change to the best. Besides, the joint export company will have side benefits at development of the new markets, in particular, East and Jugo - East Asia where the potassium consumption level stably grows.
according to observers, the establishment of the branch export company of potash manufacturers can exemplify creation of similar associations in others eksportoproizvodjashchih branches. Now attempts of the Russian exporters to find an effective way of management are stretched by export from creation of the voluntary specialised export unions and societies before reconstruction of the forms of government and control of times of the former Union. Nevertheless, as practice shows, really seriously to influence an export situation the unions and the associations created in branches with narrow circle of manufacturers are capable only. In branches with the branched out manufactures effective control over export while is almost impossible.