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The cellular network in Nizhni Novgorod

to Inhabitants of the Volga region became opened cellular communication

Businessmen of one more Russian region is accessible had an opportunity to use modern system of mobile communication. Yesterday in Nizhni Novgorod there has passed ceremony of official opening of the network of cellular communication of the general using first in this region. The founder and the operator of the new network which commercial operation has actually begun in the end of the last year, - the international company Millicom. As the governor of Nizhni Novgorod Boris Nemtsov has declared, with the beginning of functioning of a cellular network the city on Volga has ceased to be the remote places cut off from the world .

the Nizhniy Novgorod cellular network, also as well as the network of cellular communication opened recently by firm Millicom in Moscow suburbs, works in a range of frequencies of 800 MHz on the basis of the American standard AMPS. The equipment for it was put by the American corporation Motorola. Under the statement of representatives Millicom, demand for cellular communication services in Nizhni Novgorod is rather high, and since the beginning of demands acceptance subscribers of a network some hundreds townspeople already had time to become. According to director Millicom for Igor Belova`s cellular projects, last year the firm invested in development of systems of cellular communication approximately 30 mlrd rbl., and this year is going to increase volume of investments five times.
in Nizhni Novgorod competitors at Millicom while are not present, and this year the firm can feel quite confident here. However at attempts to obtain the licence of Ministry of Communications for creation, operation and development of cellular network AMPS in any other region of Russia Millicom, most likely, it is necessary to face great difficulties. The matter is that Millicom, as well as, for example, known Moscow firm a Biline Works with standard AMPS, and as federal standards the Ministry of Communications of Russia has defined other two (European) standards - GSM and NMT - 450. Delivery of licences for the right of granting of services of cellular communication of standard AMPS, under the information which are available at while it is suspended. However, according to observers, the Ministry of Communications does not interfere with development of networks AMPS in those regions where licences for the work right are already granted.
according to representatives of firm, in the circumstances Millicom, most likely, it is necessary to transfer the business activity for limits of Russia - to Ukraine and to Kazakhstan.