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Situation round Crimea

Shahraj has attended to the Crimean problem

On taken place on Wednesday evening a press - conferences (on its carrying out informed yesterday) the minister of affairs of nationalities Sergey Shahraj has commented on results of recent visit to Moscow the president of Crimea Yury Meshkova. Statements g - on Shahraja who approved the invitation to a post of Crimean prime minister Evgenie Saburova and have informed on preparation of the project of the economic agreement between Russia and Crimea, can cause impression that Moscow already considers Crimea as the subject of the Russian Federation. However while neither in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, nor in embassy of Ukraine in Moscow where the correspondent yesterday has addressed for explanations, a situation are not inclined to dramatize, underlining informal character as recent trip of the president of Crimea to Moscow, and statements Russian narkomnatsa.

It is possible to assume only that all problems with Crimea at Russia still ahead, and in this sense the yesterday`s remark of the head of legal service of the president of Ukraine Ivan Timchenko is indicative. He has declared that Evgenie Saburov cannot execute the duties, without being the citizen of Ukraine as the data making the state secret cannot be entrusted it.
but much more serious divergences with Kiev can expect Moscow in connection with projects of integration of Crimea and Russia. Potential threat Russian - to the Ukrainian relations is contained by idea g - on Meshkova about unification and merging of the civil legislation and economy of Russia and Crimea. If it occurs, the large diplomatic conflict is inevitable, as the similar step can have only one logic consequence - the reference of Crimea about legal occurrence in structure of Russia, say, taking into account results of a planned referendum.
the In itself project of the conclusion of the economic agreement between Simferopol and Moscow about which has told g - n Shahraj, hardly conceals in itself a delayed-action bomb after all according to the constitution of Ukraine Crimea has the right to foreign trade activities. But by the summer Crimea can really enter into a rouble zone of what dreams not only g - n Bags, but also many Russian statesmen in all structures of the power. As such step in practice will mean full loss of important Ukrainian region from - under financial control of Kiev, the subsequent events can go and under the Dnestr scenario. On the other hand, Crimea becomes for the Russian roubles some kind of a black hole capable seriously to destabilise a financial system of Russia. And in this sense playing today the Russian politicians the Crimean card Or smells slightly of economic adventurism, or (that is not less probable) testifies to their far-reaching plans in the relation not only Crimea, but also all Ukraine.