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Brazil has joined to RKRT

In the Brazilian market Russia the Brazilian government can face a competition

Yesterday has extended the statement for intention to observe the Supervisory regime behind rocket technologies (RKRT). Obviously, it expects to get in an exchange access to the newest western technologies, till now for Brazil the closed. As a result Russia can have now competitors in the Brazilian market.

Brazil will observe RKRT (as Russia, China, Israel, the republic of South Africa and Romania), yet without giving these norms of the status of the law. Calculation is under construction on reception in an access exchange to the newest technologies. So, in space area the country has the ambitious program: one year ago the American carrier has put into orbit Chinese - the Brazilian companion, in April, 1993 the first ballistic missile is tested. The country has potential for manufacture of medium-range missiles with the thrown weight more than 500 kg (they fall under RKRT). Brazil actively achieved access to production of the Russian space complex and double technology: on December, 4th, 1993 in Moscow the project of participation of Russia in creation of global information satellite system has been co-ordinated. Now the situation in the Brazilian market can change: observance by Brazil RKRT can force the West (first of all the USA) to turn on market of this country bolshee attention, thereby having made a competition of Russia.