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The rating of Novosibirsk banks

the First place is defined has occupied the Siberian trading bank

Yesterday GU the Central Bank across the Novosibirsk region has published a rating of commercial banks of the Novosibirsk region in which it is included 22 commercial banks registered not later than January, 1st, 1993.

the Question on necessity of working out of bank ratings, basically, is already solved: ratings are necessary (an example of practical application of a rating of banks has given recently MBO Orgbank established the differentiated interest rates under credits for borrowers of various categories of reliability). Disputes proceed only round techniques. The Central Bank central administrative board across the Novosibirsk region used a Central Bank technique.
at definition of a rating of Novosibirsk banks 7 indicators were considered: 1) an actual authorised capital stock; 2) the sum of actives; 3) the relation of profit of bank for the accounting period to mid-annual size of its actual authorised capital (efficiency of activity of bank); 4) the relation of profit of bank for the accounting period to mid-annual size of the sum of its actives (profitability of activity of bank); 5) the relation of the capital of bank to its obligations (the specification of liquidity of balance); 6) the relation of the capital of bank to its actives weighed taking into account risk of investments (the specification of sufficiency of the capital); 7) a share of the loans which are given out by bank, in the sum of its actives on the end of the accounting period.
independent banks of Novosibirsk and area participated in a rating only. Thus, such large subjects of the regional financial market have not got to the list of Novosibirsk banks, as branches of banks whose a staff - apartments are in other cities (the Savings Bank, Agroprombank (former Rosselhozbank), Mosbusinessbank, etc.) .
Leadership of the Siberian trading bank (1 - e a place) and the Siberian bank (3 - e the place) is not surprising: they are among the most powerful commercial banks of region (by the way, the Siberian bank unique of regional banks has got to the list of 100 largest banks of Russia for 1993 on a total sum of actives. Some bewilderment causes that 2 - e a place has occupied small agricultural bank ros from Iskitim. From the table it is visible that the good total point is received because own capital of bank makes almost half of its obligations and exceeds risky actives. It testifies not so much to the careful policy, how many about very modest volumes of operations of bank.
losers a Novosibirsk rating of a steel the Acceptance Bank of development of Siberia and Novosibirsk innovative bank. The analysis of their balances testifies that these banks - potential bankrupts. All of them have heavy losses, and under the informal data, one of them (Bank of development of Siberia) can be liquidated in the near future.