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The joint venture Interturbo has received order Siemens

the Petersburg turbines were pleasant to the German concern

the German concern Siemens participating in building by Severo - the Western thermal power station near Petersburg, has placed the order for manufacturing of turbines for power installations of this thermal power station at the Petersburg joint venture Interturbo into which number of founders enters itself Siemens. The first turbine of the joint venture last year has put to Indonesia, and yesterday at the enterprise assemblage of the gas turbine already for Siemens KWU - power department of the German concern has begun.

the joint venture Interturbo it is founded in 1991 by association the Leningrad metal factory (LMZ) and concern Siemens. Specialises on manufacturing, sale and service of gas turbines.

according to the general director Interturbo Valery Kondratyev, LMZ for a long time planned to organise manufacture of modern gas turbines of the big capacity (150 MVt). However the sample made by own strength, demanded long completion. Negotiations about the organisation of co-production with corporation General Electric (USA) and German concern Siemens have followed. Having compared the projects offered by foreign firms, LMZ has preferred Siemens.
As the assistant to the general director " has informed; Interturbo Volf - Dietrich Kruger (Wolf - Dietrich Krueger), in the organisation of assemblage of turbines in Petersburg Siemens invested more DM8 million First three turbines will be entirely collected from accessories Siemens. Predictably, by 1995 all components of turbines will be issued on LMZ. The sum of investments necessary for an exit of the enterprise on designed capacity (10 - 12 turbines in a year), is estimated in DM100 million Though the first turbines which have been let out Interturbo Profits Siemens will not bring, concern, by words g - on Kruger, counts on market stabilisation to Russia and solid incomes in the future.