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The situation in Belarus

Moscow while holds a pause

Crisis in Minsk starts to be beyond purely Belarus problem. On Wednesday evening the group of deputies of the State Duma of Russia has declared that before signing of the economic contract with Belarus it is necessary to conclude with it the political alliance, having solved a question on it by means of a referendum. Boris Fedorov has suggested to hold a referendum and concerning association of monetary systems. The authorities of Belarus calm the public promises that the rouble union with Russia here - here will be concluded, and all problems will be resolved. Today the Belarus management very much needs visit of the Russian prime minister and signing of agreements with Russia. But the visit planned just for these days, is postponed, and Moscow yet did not name new terms of its carrying out.

it is obvious, Tchernomyrdin`s position speaks aspiration to sustain a pause before inclusion of Belarus in a rouble zone and, probably, once again to think of necessity of such step. Today the situation in republic though it is far from chaos, can become uncontrollable. Taken by the authorities of Belarus of a measure on conditions settlement - from urgent payments of salaries on unreliable the enterprises before arrest of instigators of strike (see from February, 17th) - are not capable to eliminate the crisis reason. While the decision of a question on strike is postponed in parliament till February, 22nd, the authorities outwardly keep calmness, convincing the population of an invariance of the and Russian plans to conclude the economic alliance. A press - the secretary of the Belarus government Vasily Dragovets has explained the day before yesterday a delay of visit of Tchernomyrdin exclusively an uneasy situation in Russia having added that the question on association of monetary systems is firmly co-ordinated at level of prime ministers.
To a situation in Belarus have paid attention and in the Russian Duma. There (while in a lobby) the question on political association of Russia and Belarus already is with might and main discussed. On Wednesday evening group on December, 12th has declared that such association should precede the economic union, and has suggested to take out this question on a referendum. And Boris Fedorov considers that on a referendum it is necessary to take out and a question on association of monetary systems (however as the correspondent has found out yesterday, its badly hidden hopes of a deviation Russians of plans of merge of rouble and zajchika are not divided by many deputies). According to the vice-president of committee on affairs of the CIS Yury Voevody, the Duma will discuss a situation in Belarus (terms he did not name), and its committee will support idea of a referendum. In parliament of Belarus oncoming traffic has begun: the commission on interaction with the Duma of Russia is created. But the question on the price for political association while is opened. And Tchernomyrdin, obviously, will not go to Minsk, yet will not clear it for itself.