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The representative of the president of Russia

In scandal on zolotozavode has legal proceedings the area management

the representative of the president of Russia across the Novosibirsk region Anatoly Manohin is involved Yesterday has submitted in Railway rajnarsud Novosibirsk the claim about honour and dignity protection to the director Novosibirsk zolotozavoda the Atoll to Vladimir Golubevu. The representative of the president has considered itself as the offended statement g - on Golubeva, directed by it in Presidential Administration of Russia on December, 1st, 1993. In it g - n Golubev has informed that has refused to list 100 million roubles ostensibly on conducting personal election campaign g - on Manohina standing for Council of federation and consequently the representative of the president inspired moral terror concerning Golubeva and even ostensibly publicly threatened to plant it. It already the third claim connected with participation of various heads of Novosibirsk area in scandal around the Atoll .

Scandal round factory the Atoll has begun in November of last year when Crewe of the Ministry of Finance has inspected legality of use zolotozavodom budgetary funds (wrote about it on November, 11th and on December, 12th). According to auditors, the Atoll has illegally got profit at the rate about 1,5 mlrd roubles in the form of percent for storage on accounts in commercial banks more than 3 mlrd the roubles allocated from the budget for calculations with gold miners. Nevertheless in the audit certificate itself Crewe recognised that it has not put a damage to nobody`s interests. However the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has brought on these facts criminal case on item 170 (abuse of power).
In the statement in Presidential Administration of Russia the director the Atoll Golubev has complained on Intolerable moral terror from outside g - on Manohina and regional Office of Public Prosecutor . Terror was expressed that in the night from 25 for November, 26th, 1993 employees of regional government on struggle against the organised crime against the sanction of the assistant to the regional public prosecutor have spent searches in an office and apartment g - on Golubeva. Thus in apartment, as he said, besides documents without any inventory the jewels belonging to his wife, and DM600, given out to it on business trip have been withdrawn. G - n Golubev also has informed the president that all specified actions, threats from workers of law enforcement bodies, etc. persons in my address occur under Manohina A.N.`s direct instructions. He repeatedly declared in the pre-election performances... That ` the invention with criminal case excitation is its political method of race for power ` . G - n Manohin has considered all it (and especially statement of Golubeva for refusal to finance its election campaign) the basis for the claim.
this claim already the third in this scandal. In December g - n Manohin has declared by local radio that a role in the history with the Atoll vitse - the governor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Kiselyov - either a negligence, or a crime (g - n Kiselyov has granted the licence for gold mining to a certain firm Esbi received from the Atoll 1,3 mlrd rbl., but outstood gold on 1 mlrd). G - n Kiselyov was offended by this statement and has submitted in Kirov narsud Novosibirsk the claim to g - well Manohinu on 25 million roubles.
besides one month ago g - n Manohin has submitted to the same court the claim to g - well to Kiselyov too on 25 million roubles for the publication in a local press of opinion of Kiselyov that g - n Manohin inflates scandal around ` the Atoll ` in political ends . Will return to a theme after decision removal on one of claims.