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It is increased ustavnyj fund of a resafety society

It is created reserve fund for planes

Insurance of large risks remains a problem for the majority of the Russian insurance companies. Abreast the large structures offering services in insurance and reinsurance of large risks (real estate, an air transport, etc.) The company " has entered; Corporation of reserve funds created in Moscow in July, 1993. Yesterday in hotel Slavic has passed a press - conference of heads of the company, where it has been declared increase in its authorised capital from 150 million to 12,5 mlrd rbl.

rather small (in some tens millions roubles) the sizes of authorised capitals of the insurance companies do not allow them to take large risks on insurance. So, now any Russian insurance company cannot incur completely responsibility on the plane insurance which cost makes 1,5 - 2 mlrd rbl. Absence of the developed market of reinsurance in the country compels insurers to transfer large risks to reinsurance to the foreign companies (for example, to the Munich and Cologne resafety societies). Thus there is an export from the country of insurance capitals.
last months the Russian insurers undertook attempts to create large resafety structures ( Rosgosstrakh Russian resafety society etc.) . One of such companies should become joint-stock company Corporation of reserve Funds . According to acted on a press - conference of the chairman of board of directors of the company g - on Klimakina, the decision on authorised capital increase could have an opportunity on purpose to accept on insurance and in reinsurance large risks on insurance of real estate and air transport.
the first share issue of the company for the sum of 150 million rbl. has taken place in the autumn of last year. At the moment of decision-making on the second share issue an authorised capital stock Corporations it is completely paid. According to the general director of joint-stock company Oleg Kosteva, it is already realised actions of the second release for the sum of 539 million rbl., and by the end of March the company assumes to receive first billion. However as the declared size of the authorised capital of the company is very great, at Corporations there can be difficulties at placing of actions in the open market.

Founders of the company Corporation of reserve Funds are 8 large Russian insurance companies, in which number AFES, Agrofear and Aegis and also 5 not insurance joint-stock companies. The company is registered in Moscow on July, 24th, 1993