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Concern board of directors Rostekstil

Textile workers of Moscow search protectionism of the mayoralty

for Problems of the Russian manufactures, in general - that, are similar without dependence from where there is an enterprise - in the large centre or in provincial small town. And still in capital these problems are expressed more sharply. That fact that at yesterday`s session of board of directors of concern Rostekstil problems of the Moscow factories were discussed, confirms this conclusion. The textile management of capital has declared necessity of support from a city administration - hardly probable not the only thing, according to capital textile workers, effective means in a present crisis situation.

On a share of the Moscow factories it is necessary about 10 % from total amount of release of textiles of the enterprises entering into concern Rostekstil . However, as it was marked at session, from 35 thousand Workers of the Moscow textile enterprises, in the near future the good few can already recruit ranks of the unemployed - slump in production past year was rather considerable. By various kinds of textiles slump in production in Moscow in 1993 has made from 41 to 56 % from level of 1990.
the enterprises now should incur notable expenses on maintenance with the electric power, fuel and technical water - the share of these expenses for last 2 years has increased in the cost price almost in 10 times and makes now 26 %. The tariff for the electric power for the enterprises in Moscow more than in 2 times exceeds the tariff in the central part of Russia. Power problems together with the high prices for raw materials have led to that in 1994 the Moscow enterprises do not have money for manufacture reconstruction though the considerable part of the equipment is maintained more than 20 years.
directors of the Moscow cotton-mills and a management Rostekstilja See an exit from the created position in cooperation with the Moscow government. It, in their opinion, should carry out protectionist to the policy in relation to local manufacturers. Among offered measures - allocation of soft loans on replenishment of circulating assets, an establishment of the sparing tariff for heat and the electric power. The mayoralty should take also measures on decrease in a foreign competition in relation to the Moscow textile production.