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The claim to administration of Sverdlovsk area

the Doctor compulsorily treated in psihbolnitse

Yesterday Top - Isetsky narsud Ekaterinburg partially (on 3 million rbl.) Has satisfied the claim of the former doctor of city hospital Vladimir Koposova to administration of Sverdlovsk area about collecting from it $1,868 million for the caused mental cruelty.

the conflict History is that. In the beginning of 1986 the head physician of city hospital #7 Ekaterinburg has dismissed the subordinate - Vladimir Koposova. However g - n Koposov has counted the dismissal illegal and continued to go for work. G - n Koposov has told to the correspondent that on March, 7th, 1986 the head physician has decided to resort to the help of local policeman Yury Dvinnikova which has beaten g - on Koposova on its workplace in the presence of the head physician. After that against the inspector criminal case has been brought, and g - to Koposova in May, 1987 delivered in psihbolnitsu where compulsorily treated more than two months. On July, 28th it recognised as mentally sick, from - for what it has lost possibility to work on a speciality. But on August, 9th, 1989 g - n Koposov has received the decision of the commission of the International independent research centre of the psychiatry, recognising it is mentally absolute the healthy.
at the same time investigation on business of the divisional was tightened till March, 5th, 1990: g - n Koposov considers that it has been caused by desire of law enforcement bodies to justify the employee. It indirectly proves to be true the decision of Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia from October, 17th, 1989 which has come to a conclusion that in the course of a consequence the basic emphasis became on dokazyvanie that Koposov is mentally sick person, lowering that fact that in actions of the local policeman the crime structure contains, that is the consequence body collected proofs not in that direction . However in February, 1992 the court has relieved from the militiaman of responsibility with the formulation in connection with changed conditions .
G - n Koposov has estimated the mental cruelty put to it in $1,868 million, $868 thousand from which it was going to spend for moving to the USA so at present has no citizenship. The matter is that in 1991 g - n Koposov has addressed to Michael Gorbachev with the request to allow to leave to it on a constant residence to Switzerland, the president has given the permission also the decree from November, 6th, 1991 has deprived of its citizenship.
the representative of the respondent in judicial session was not. However the court in its absence has partially satisfied the claim, recognising that under the Law on psychiatric activity of the patient can be hospitalised compulsorily only on a judgement. Besides, the court recognised that drawing g - well to Koposovu of physical injuries the inspector of militia was infringement of human rights. The sufferings transferred thus are mental cruelty and are subject to compensation by administration of the region as it bears responsibility for actions of the official bodies located in its territory. At the same time the court has not found the lawful bases for satisfaction of the requirement of the claimant to pay to it forthcoming expenses for moving to the USA. Finally the court has passed the decision to pay to the claimant in to national currency of Russia
After removal by decision court g - n Koposov has declared 3 million rbl. to the correspondent that it is glad to that to it anywhere - that was possible to defend justice, however he considers the sum of indemnification obviously underestimated (in its opinion, it should make not less 50 million roubles), and it is going to appeal against against the decision of district court in Sverdlovsk regional court.