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The automobile alliance plays VAZs

Chances of a prize are defined by face value of the action

On taken place yesterday in the Central house of journalists a press - conferences of a management of joint-stock company the Automobile All-Russia Alliance main principles of carrying out of the first draw of cars among shareholders of the company have been declared. The lottery in which course among owners of actions 6500 cars VAZ of various models will be played, will take place on February, 20th in the Arena. The right of acquisition of the car at a discount from 25 to 100 % from its price becomes a prize. In the second part a press - conferences the general director of joint-stock company Boris Berezovsky has mentioned questions on foreign partners of the Alliance and new model VAZ - 1116 which serial release is planned to begin in 1996.

the lottery Major principle (about carrying out outlined it wrote in September of last year), according to the adviser of the general director of joint-stock company Valentine Jurchenko, consists that the probability of a prize is directly proportional to the sum of the money enclosed in the action. Numbers of certificates on deposition of actions of various face values will participate in draw - from 10 thousand to 10 million rbl. If the probability of a prize is equal in the first case 1/ 3000 among owners 10 - million actions the right to a discount will receive every third.
in Boris Berezovsky`s devoted to the production program of the Alliance the performance, the theme of foreign partnership some times has sounded. To participation in the project the largest world automobile companies have been invited, and in the end of 1993 the joint memorandum from General Motors (wrote about it in December, 1993) has been signed. However to concretise plans of cooperation of the Alliance with the largest avtomobilestroitelnym concern of the USA g - n Berezovsky did not become. On a question, whether remains a prototype the Russian national car Opel Corsa, which technical parametres have been chosen as base at creation of new model VAZ - 1116, the answer " has been given; more likely yes, than is not present .