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Power strategy of Moscow

Yury Luzhkov has outstripped new federal laws

the Government of Russia finishes working out of a package of the documents directed on decrease of power consumption of the Russian economy. Users of the electric power, thermal and gas networks should pay the energy over-expenditure for the penal threefold tariff. The government of Moscow, without waiting acceptances of these measures at federal level, has already started revealing of those users of a city power supply system to which after an exit of corresponding documents at once it will be possible to apply sanctions. The decision of the Moscow government testifies to it About system of inspection of a power economy of the enterprises .

the Complex developed by the government of Moscow of measures under power savings (which part is, according to the signed decision, and the monitoring system created in a city behind the expense toplivno - power resources) corresponds to the measures developed in the device of the federal government. The project directed to Federal meeting, Presidential Administration and enforcement authorities, consists of the statutory acts entering new system of payment electric and thermal energy.
according to projects of documents, unproductive users will pay the over-expenditure of energy for the world price (today the internal prices make about 30 % from the world.) The size of the over-expenditure at each separate enterprise will be defined through the specific indicator of power inputs calculated as of 1990 on physical unit of let out production. Application of this technique reveals that from 14 trln roubles of expenses for power resources in GNP of Russia for the unproductive over-expenditure of power resources is spent 4 - 5 trln roubles.
introduction of penal sanctions across Russia as a whole is intended not so much for increase of a profitable part of the state budget, how many for acceleration of a conclusion of inefficient manufactures from economy structure. In Moscow this measure pursues other aims: as the basic consumers of the electric power in the industry and a science dotatsionny (and to close them nobody gathers), input of penal sanctions will change nothing. Will really mention users of a power supply system of a city input of new, power passports providing use, systems of the account of the expense of power resources. This system will allow to apply new system of tariffs for the energy similar foreign, in which tariffs for the large industrial enterprises 10 times less tariffs in housing sector and for the small enterprises in a city. In this system the same idea is put, as in the project of new tax system developed in Moscow at which decrease in taxes from incomes of citizens will is compensated by increase in rent payments and taxes to property.