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Russian - the Armenian negotiations

Armenia supply by power resources

by the Main outputs Russian is guaranteed - the Armenian negotiations there was signed a prime minister - ministers of two countries Victor Tchernomyrdin and Grantom Bagratjanom the intergovernmental agreement about trading - economic cooperation in 1994 and settlement about repayment of debts of Armenia following the results of 1993. Yesterday the governmental delegation of Armenia which were in Moscow with two-day visit, has left Russia.

Within the limits of the agreement about trading - economic cooperation the list of the goods delivered on a mutual basis has been defined. The coordination at intergovernmental level of the inventory which mutual deliveries are carried out on an equivalent basis and are released from the customs duties, is the traditional form of the organisation of trade relations of Russia with all CIS countries. According to Russian - the Armenian agreement, the volume vzaimopostavok at interstate level has been defined in $141 million (thus Armenia occupies 10 place in goods turnover of Russia with the CIS countries). The commodity nomenclature of mutual deliveries corresponds to traditional articles Russian - the Armenian trade turnover: the Russian oil products - in exchange for Armenian molibdenovye and copper ores. Besides, the government and national bank of Armenia have agreed that at possible infringement by the Armenian party in 1994 of the schedule of payment of percent on the Russian state credit of 1993 of the Central Bank of Russia has the right on bezaktseptnoe write-off of the delayed sums from a corresponding account of national bank of Armenia. However signing this week in Moscow trading - the economic agreement provides Armenia being in a vice of economic blockade and having absolutely unconvertible dramas, almost unique reliable channel of receipt of power resources. Thereupon for the Armenian government special value gets a question on timely repayment of debts of Russia on vzaimopostavkam for 1993 which size for January, 1st of this year made 96 mlrd roubles. Without having possibility to put the goods in the stipulated volume, the Armenian party has agreed to pay within the next two months a debt from the means received from export of goods in the third countries.