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It is killed zamprefekta East district of Moscow

Criminals have disappeared on the red car

Yesterday to the correspondent circumstances of murder of the assistant to the prefect of East administrative district of Alexander Alyoshin not disclosed earlier by law enforcement bodies became known. In the morning on Wednesday in park Sokolniki three unknown persons have mortally wounded Alyoshin and have disappeared. Alyoshin has died in resuscitation 33 - j city hospital. To detain criminals yet it was not possible.

Alexander Alyoshin was born on July, 16th, 1950. In 1972 has finished the Leningrad state university. Worked in standardization scientific research institute. Cand.Tech.Sci. In 1990 Alyoshin has been selected by the vice-president of Sokolnichesky regional council, in November of next year is appointed suprefektom municipal district Sokolniki . In August, 1992 has held a post of the assistant to the prefect of East district on economy, business and housing questions.

early in the morning on February, 16th Alexander Alyoshin left the house on Sokolnichesky to a shaft on walk with a dog. Having entered through the central input on park territory, it has lowered it from a lead. During this moment on it the attack also has been made. Having beaten Alexander Alyoshin, unknown persons have tried to strangle its lead, and then have shot to it at a head from the unstated weapon. Criminals were frightened off by the passer-by, the worker of one of park cafe. As he said, the victim sat near cafe Youth leaning against a tree, on his neck the lead has been tightened. The passer-by has weakened a stranglehold and, having seen the patrol militiaman, has called to the aid. That, in turn, has caused first aid . In half an hour after receipt in resuscitation Alexander Alyoshin has died.
According to field investigators OVD of municipal district Sokolniki Alyoshin was it is beaten to unrecognizability . Zamprefekta was it is obviously wounded in a head from fire-arms at it the left anklebone and a finger on a hand has been broken. However that has served as an immediate cause of death of Alexander Alyoshin, is not established yet, - body opening was not spent to day of murder.
field investigators OVD have the description of murderers, however, rather approximate. By sight it 25 - 30 years, growth 180 - 185 sm, a strong constitution. Criminals have been dressed in dark - dark blue jumpsuits, hats and white krossovki. From a scene they have disappeared on a foreign car of red colour. Witnesses have not remembered model of the car and its number.
the place and attack time have been chosen professionally: at so early o`clock of passers-by per park it is not enough, and from highway with active enough movement this place closes an impressive publicity board. The cafe premise near to which the crime has been committed, is empty.
police officers and Office of Public Prosecutor have only one version of an event - custom-made murder. Under whose order Alexander Alyoshin has been killed, law enforcement officers do not know. This month in territory OVD Sokolniki this second this sort of crime - on February, 1st in Malenkovsky street have killed the president of holding New time Sergey Dubova.
Workers of prefecture have informed that any threats to Alexander Alyoshin did not arrive. They have stated indignation of the vulnerability from criminals: in a control system personal militian protection is not provided, there was no bodyguard and at Alexander Alyoshin . According to colleagues, recently zamprefekta business - the centre worked over the creation project in Sokolnikah. Representatives of the city authorities have refrained from event comments.
will return to business when the first results of work of an investigation team become known.