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Operations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

the Militia has brought intermediate results the Trawl

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has published yesterday some results of operation performed by the ministry the Trawl . Employees of department on struggle against economic crimes (UEP) from the beginning of 1993 have revealed the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk of 245 crimes connected with plunder of strategic raw materials for a total sum of 664 million of rbl.

Operupolnomochennyj GUEP the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Vitaly Mitkin has told to the correspondent that on February, 15th, 1994 employees Western - the Siberian Department of Internal Affairs on transport have filed criminal charges under item 162 ch. 2 UK Russia (evasion from giving of the declaration on incomes) concerning the head of administration of Bezkargajsky area of Semipalatinsk area (Kazakhstan) Nikolay Vasko, and also of some heads of Altay territory (surnames are not disclosed in the interests of the investigation). By consequence it is established that within 1993 in village Balanokovsky Semipalatinsk area from production association Omsknefteorgsintez through intermediaries bezlitsenzionno and payments of state duties 22 tanks (1,5 thousand tons) gasoline And - 76, 12 tanks (868 tons) diztopliva and 2 tanks (113 tons) autotractor oil have been sent to Kazakhstan. The damage to the state from illegal export of raw materials in 107 million rbl. already is completely compensated by commercial structures guilty of it.
as in the given case have appeared heads of administrations of two states are got mixed up, it is transferred in control FSK of Russia.
the deputy chief of department GUEP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Vitaly Zus has resulted some figures on operation the Trawl across the Novosibirsk region. During operation 246 tons of ferrous metals, 118 tons of colour and rare-earth metals, 97 tons gorjuche - lubricants, 12 kg of uranium - 238 and 1,2 kg of platinum have been withdrawn. He also has especially noticed that employees of department repeatedly addressed in the various ministries concerning conditions which have developed round export of strategic raw materials, but till now is not received any answer.
in number from February, 12th, 1994 Vitaly Zusa`s words, concerning statisticans stopped UEP the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia of attempts of export from Russia strategic raw materials are wrongly given. Instead of words it is taken illegally out from Russia it is necessary to read it is stopped plunders of strategic raw materials .
will return to a theme after operation end.