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Stock quotes of energy carriers

Contract prices of oil products yet have not reached a holiday money

On BSTSB contracts with repayment terms in II quarter continue to advance essentially on profitableness contracts of new issue. And in Moscow of joint-stock company Hermes - the Planet has started repayment of March contracts Hermes - 76 on delivery of 1 thousand litres of gasoline. Their profitableness has made 170 % annual.

this week buying up at a current rate of the Bashkir contracts on delivery of oil products in March has stopped, however were wishing to get them for the purpose of reception of the cash goods - at a stock exchange is sold 32 big petrol contracts. Purchase favourable enough if to consider that cost price New Ufa NPZ on neetilirovannyj gasoline And - 76 for deliveries for limits of Bashkortostan makes 281 200 rbl./ t, and its cost under March contracts - 256 480 rbl./ t (it only the little above the price by delivery in Bashkiria). The demand structure for a week has not undergone any changes: on - former small investors preferred the cheapest contracts of III quarter, and large (buyers the Bashkir gasoline and the Bashkir diesel engine ) - To contracts of II quarter. As a result these contracts approximately twice advanced the later analogues on rates of increase of course cost. Experts BSTSB believe, however, that proceeding rapprochement of contract prices II and III quarters the next weeks will lead to alignment of dynamics of courses of contracts of different series.
joint-stock company Hermes - the Planet on Wednesday has begun repayment of contracts Hermes - 76 with goods delivery in March. A ceiling price last day the auctions by them at a stock exchange Hermes (on February, 15th) has made 500 thousand rbl. at initial cost in September of last year of 270 thousand roubles. Thus, profitableness of these contracts has made 170 % annual. In case of their repayment by an exchange for similar contracts with delivery term in September of this year their test cost makes 515 thousand rbl., and profitableness taking into account percent will reach in half a year of 215 % annual. The September contract costs now 310 thousand rbl.