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Sale of actions at check auctions

State Property Committee Measures on additional financing of voucher privatisation:

- the mechanism of carrying out of the auction auctions on sale for roubles of 10 % from quantity of the actions sold at check auction is developed. This mechanism provides realisation not less than 29 % of total of actions of the enterprise;
- possibility of increase in profitableness of the monetary auctions is provided because to the applicants, broken conditions of tender, inclinations do not come back (the sum of the brought deposit can be established at a rate of 100 % of the starting price of actions which, in turn, cannot be below 90 % of face value);
- 30 % of a received monetary gain go to committees on management of property on financing of services in storage and destruction of privatisation checks;
- 70 % of a monetary gain go to property funds on a covering of expenses on carrying out of check auctions and on repayment of privatisation checks.