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The State Duma about to Freedom

the Part of deputies has voted against Freedom

in the Evening on February, 16th members of the State Duma discussed a question on expediency of the termination of translations in Russia of transfers of large American radio station Freedom . This question was placed for consideration by one of leaders of the Duma fraction of LDPR Victor Marychev. It was supported by the majority of the Duma fractions of communists, agrarnikov and the liberal - democrats.

Attempts of the termination of an announcement of radio Freedom are undertaken not for the first time. Not so long ago a publishing house management Paleja has made the statement in which has urged to stop announcements of this radio station.
this time to stop translations Freedom patriotically adjusted deputies have offered because Transfers of this station cause the big damage to Russian culture . The member of the Duma, Vladimir Zhirinovsky Konstantin Parfyonov`s voting for acceptance of this decision the adviser, has explained to the correspondent that foreign radio - and telecasts disaccustoms us to Russian. I for that, - have told Parfyonov, - that there were borders for activity of foreign radio - and broadcasting companies. I hitherto did not see and did not hear such flow of foreign radio - and television broadcasting stations . Members of LDPR are dissatisfied not only Freedom . Parfyonov is revolted, for example, also with translation of programs MTV on 6 - mu to the channel. The representative of LDPR gave reason for the point of view that children should be brought up on Russian music.
for decision acceptance 77 deputies have voted. However it is not enough such quantity of voices that the decision was accepted. Representatives of fraction the Choice of Russia named the offered document The political error adjoining on nonsense . Other fractions of the relation to a discussed question publicly have not expressed.