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Hundred works young Caravaggio are found out in Italy

Critics have found in storehouses of the Milan lock among 1,5 thousand pictures one hundred drawings Michelangelo Merizi. Under the statement of researchers, there are no doubts that images and the contrasts used in drawings, - work Caravaggio. A collection have estimated in ˆ700 million With details - Michael Bocharov.
Critics of Mauritsio Bernardelli and Adriana Konkoni many years worked with a collection in lock Sfortsesko. Here the fund of the teacher Caravaggio Simone Petertsano is stored. Having studied 1,5 thousand works critics have drawn a conclusion - they have come across unique meeting of drawings young Caravaggio. In works 13 - the summer pupil images and the contrasts inherent only in great Merizi are traced. However the expert of painting ÕVI of a century Klaudio Strinati in interview ABC has called in question a conclusion of colleagues.

“ master Simone Petertsano had many pupils who have drawn for years of training over 50 thousand pictures. If though one of the works found in the lock has been signed Michelangelo Merizi I would tell is an opening! But now I only praise two critics for interesting research of the inheritance of Petertsano. Yes, they have found many vivid examples and - lja Caravaggio “ - he has told.

In turn, researchers of Bernardelli and Konkoni already declared fabulous cost of a find - from above ˆ700 million Co-owner of gallery “ Triumph “ Yemelyan Zaharov considers that the found drawings become new cultural pride of Italy.

“ I am assured that they will get to museums of Italy, be sold they hardly can, as will automatically get to the list of values of Italy, and them will distribute in museums or will sell it. Certainly, they will be accessible to public “ - he has noted.

the collection, as well as lock Sfortsesko, belongs to Milan. And the final decision about destiny of drawings Caravaggio will be accepted by the city authorities. In the near future the researchers who have found drawings Michelangelo Merizi - Caravaggio will spend a series of conferences and lectures. Critics should prove authenticity of the conclusions.