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At the Euroasian forum of cities will discuss preservation of a historical heritage

Today in the Kazan town hall there has passed opening ceremony of the Euroasian forum of cities with participation of representatives of Youth model of Committee of the World heritage of UNESCO. A forum theme - the Heritage and innovations .

the State Adviser RT Mintimer Shaymiev, the secretary general of the Organization of cities of the World heritage have taken part In action (OGVN) Deni Rikar, the deputy director of Institute of the World heritage of UNESCO Ron Van Ors, a deputy head of Federal agency on tourism Grigory Sarishvili, the vice-president of State Council RT Rimma Ratnikova, the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin and other officials.

mayors of cities and heads of regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Tajikistan, China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia and other countries of Eurasia, representatives of the United Nations, UNESCO and other international organisations became Participants of a meeting also.

within the limits of a forum opening Russian - Turkish conference on cooperation in the field of tourism has taken place also. With salutatory words Grigory Sarishvili and the minister of culture and tourism of Turkish Republic Ertugrul Gjunaj have acted a deputy head of Federal agency on tourism, informs Tatars - an inform .

Within the limits of a forum the Heritage and innovations On an example of Kazan and other cities it is planned to discuss the pressing questions connected with preservation of a heritage, increase of tourist appeal and the international recognition, and also to reveal the tendencies, concerning introductions of the new technologies, allowing to improve living conditions in cities.