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The court has refused transervisu to mayoralty department

on June, 29th the arbitration court of the Novosibirsk region has refused the claim to Open Society transervis in the claim to department of power, housing and municipal services of a city of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk. The company has addressed in court with the claim about collecting of 1,8 million rbl. for the performed works. Open Society transervis by request of department repaired intraquarter territories of Railway area. The company has received the municipal order, having won at open auction, the contract on 46,9 million rbl. has been concluded on February, 28th, 2011. The court has established that works have been executed in full, checked up by the organisation which is carrying out technical supervision and are accepted by the parties, claims on quality it is not declared . Nevertheless the mayoralty has signed certificates only on 45,2 million rbl. of the Party have dispersed in an estimation of the executed works from - for different costs of repair in 1 sq. m of repair of a road covering. transervis started with the appendix to the municipal order where it was specified to 1,2 thousand rbl., the municipality was guided by actual cost of repair. According to most transervisa average cost in 1 sq. m of the repaired area varied from 808,39 rbl. to 1 626,31 rbl. . The court has sided with department, having specified that at the moment of the turnkey contract conclusion possibility to provide full volume of works subject to performance or expenses necessary for it " was excluded;.