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the Problem will consist in the appeal of a sentence up to the Supreme court

the Bryansk regional court has upheld a sentence to Irina Dobrzhansky condemned for four years of a colony - settlements for road accident on a pedestrian crossing. Resonant failure has occurred in October of last year. The three-year girl as a result was lost. Details - at Alena Kuznetsovoj.
the Tragedy has occurred on October, 7th, 2011 on Moskovsky prospectus cities of Bryansk. Volkswagen Passat, at the wheel which there was Irina Dobrzhansky, on high speed has brought down local resident Anna Sivakovu and its three-year daughter the Sleepyhead. The girl has died on the spot, her mother with serious traumas has been hospitalised and only in December of last year was discharged from hospital. The court has sentenced Dobrzhansky to four years of a colony - settlements. Condemned made the complaint in service of own safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, however it remained without satisfaction. During preliminary investigation information leakage has been admitted, and during the investigation there were remedial infringements, the head of expert centre Probok has explained. net Alexander Shumsky.

lawyers have arguments that the condemned has been incorrectly acquainted with business materials, to it have not given the chance to set questions to experts who examined, and new examination court essentially refuses to do. The problem will consist in the appeal of a sentence up to the Supreme court - he has declared.

besides four years of a colony - settlements the girl have obliged to pay to the suffered family of 1,5 million rbl. the Sentence is too severe, in the present state of affairs it is wrong to deprive condemned of freedom, the vice-president of Movement of motorists of Russia Leonid Olshansky considers.

Softening circumstances that in actions of the driver there was no malicious intention that it neopyten, and the third, according to experts, is guilty all - taki not the driver, and road services and traffic police which have not established traffic signs, have not made underground transition. Local authorities are partially guilty, - it has explained. - if the person goes for the first time and not on KAMAZe the drunk has driven in a bus stop with ten corpses in such situation when there is one victim, the court usually gives three - four years conditionally .

failure Record has got to the Internet, and about tragedy all country has learnt. Within several months inhabitants of Bryansk spent street protest actions with the requirement of the most rigid punishment for guilty Dobrzhansky. From - for public pressure the girl tried to commit suicide, then some weeks were treated in psychiatric hospital. While Irina Dobrzhansky is at home under a subscription about nevyezde.