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Mark Shmulevich is appointed by the assistant to head Minkomsvjazi

Mark Shmulevich heading earlier department of development of business of Open Society the Russian space systems it is appointed zamrukovoditelja by Minkomsvjazi, has informed on July, 6th a press - government service. RKS specialises on working out, manufacturing, author`s support and operation of space information systems. Among the basic lines of activity - creation, development and target use of global navigating system GLONASS, space systems of search and rescuing. Mark Shmulevich is the founder and the councillor of directors of Open Company Rusnavgeoset - the first joint Russian - the American enterprise in the field of satellite navigation, and also the director for development of the Russian quantum centre - the research project created under the aegis of fund Skolkovo . In the afternoon before a press - the cabinet service has informed on appointment as deputy ministers of communication and mass communications of head Skartela (brand Yota) Denis Sverdlova and eks - zamglavy Alexey Volina`s governmental body. According to position about Minkomsvjazi, the head of this ministry can have seven assistants, informs RIA News .