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Clubs began to brake football race of arms

the Quantity of transitions of football players for first half of 2012 has decreased for 9 %. This tendency has developed at the expense of innovation FIFA: clubs can pay off for a transfer only with cash, experts speak.
the transfer market in football endures crisis. According to report FIFA, for the last half a year was reduced to 9 % number of transitions of players from a command in a command. Thus the total cost of all transfers has fallen at once to 34 %. As a result almost five thousand transitions of football players have managed in $572 million Representative of FIFA Izabel Solal has declared that it is connected including with a new financial policy of the football authorities.

we connect decrease in volumes of the transfer market with introduction FIFA of a rule fair financial game . I will remind that now football clubs can pay off for transition of this or that player only with real money. That is that the declared sum could be cashed, instead of was cost, for example, team property - she speaks.

football expert Andrey Malosolov considers that the market of transfers was reduced at the expense of decrease in number of transactions with not the most star players. However to Russia the tendency is yet cunning, the expert has noted.

clubs began to brake this race of arms in football, and sooner or later our country and its football will reach that we will not buy little-known players on 2 - 3 million euro. For example, the scandalous transfer of this year is, of course, purchase Krasnodar at football club Rostov player Igor Smolnikova or, for example, purchase by football club Anzhi attacking Vladikavkaz Alanii from the first battalion of Kabulova for 4 million euro. Similar transfers except bewilderment and suspicions do not cause anything - Malosolov speaks.

in Summer of 2009 Portuguese Krishtianu Ronaldu has passed from Manchester United in Madrid Real for 93 million euro. It remains till now a record of transfers in world football. To Ronaldu Frenchman Zinedin Zidan was the most expensive player. For 74 million euro of the player has redeemed Real Madrid at Juventus . The first football player in the history, whose transfer has exceeded a mark in $10 million, there was Roberto Badzho. In 1990 fabulous for those times the sum for it has paid Juventus . The richest and expensive player of the Russian championship - Cameroonian Samuel It ` an island Makhachkala Anzhi have got the player at Internatsionale for 20 million euro, and the salary of the football player makes 22 million a year.

the New transfer window in the European football will open on July, 1st and will last two months. From possible loud transitions of the Russian players it is necessary to note attention of the Italian Milan to the player of a national team and CSKA to Alan Dzagoevu. About change of club by the soldier write both Russian, and the Italian mass-media.