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Sergey Polonsky has blocked Potok

Among shareholders Potok (were Mirax Group) the conflict inflames. Sergey Polonsky declared that is the owner of 100 % of the company. Minority shareholder Maxim Temnikov asserts that neither it, nor its partners Vladimir Golubev and Roman Trotsenko of the transaction did not conclude. Moreover, mister Polonsky himself asked to redeem the share.
in message Potok extended on Friday, it is said that Sergey Polonsky has redeemed shares minoritariev on the basis of the joint-stock agreement. in the near future the new structure of board will be generated and development strategic targets " are defined; - follows from materials Potok.

Till now except mister Polonsky (it a controlling stock) shareholders of the company had operating partner Potok Maxim Temnikov, the co-owner of a group of companies the Adamant Vladimir Golubev and the former president of Incorporated ship-building corporation Roman Trotsenko (their shares do not reveal). The last have received actions Potok as a result of clearings under credits: Sergey Polonsky`s debt to mister Trotsenko was estimated in $120 million, Vladimir Golubeva`s debt - in $60 -

Maxim Temnikov has informed 70 million that the statement of mister Polonsky is its personal opinion . I did not sign corresponding papers. Purchase and sale contracts do not exist - he has declared, without having excluded that other shareholders too did not sign them. Moreover, mister Temnikov adheres to the opposite version of an event in Potok: Sergey Polonsky itself has addressed to partners with the request to redeem its share in the company, and it has been documentary issued on last board of directors. The meeting as confirms minoritary, has taken place on June, 13th then mister Polonsky declared that departs from an operational administration the company and corresponding powers pass to mister Temnikovu.

Roman Trotsenko has refused to make comments on events in Potok. Vladimir Golubev was inaccessible to comments. Uralsib which finances Potok (the general debt of the company makes $530 million), has learnt about the transaction from the company message.

Sergey Polonsky declared liquidation of brand Mirax Group in 2011. Within several months its business worked under name Nazvanie. net then the company has been renamed in Potok. The Total area of projects Potok (according to the company) - 10 million in sq. m. the Gain in 2010 has made $250 million, in 2011 - m, according to mister Temnikova, $300 million

is not excluded that mister Polonsky has agreed only with two partners. A source Close to one of creditors Potok, heard that within the limits of calculations with shareholders Sergey Polonsky gives the basic project of the company - a tower Federation (300 thousand sq.) to Vladimir Golubevu. To it, the interlocutor tells, passes ZHK Kutuzovsky mile (784,3 thousand sq.), from - for which Potok has legal proceedings with the owner of a site of Joint-Stock Company FTSSR (the sum of claims - 4,8 mlrd rbl.) . To the novel of Trotsenko within the limits of these arrangements passes civil-engineering design ZHK Fili - a roof (it is planned on a place of the factory with the same name on Kutuzovsky journey).

the Tower Federation - one of two projects of the developer who generates a monetary stream. But also it, by estimations of operating director Praedium Oncor International of Michael Getsa, does not exceed $3 million a month, including rent payments on which it is necessary no more than 5 % of the sum. The second project - ZHK the Dubrovsky large village (introduction in operation in the end of 2012; a total area - 166,368 thousand sq.). According to the general director NDV - real estate Alexander Khrustalyov, the monthly sales volume reaches 300 - 500 million rbl. ($9,2 - 15,3 million).

According to Maxim Temnikova, at the company of all about 30 projects (the majority at a paper stage) which can generate profit. If correctly to operate, global strategic problems at the company are not present - he speaks, asserting that no projects were deduced from the company. I, as the first person of the company, did not sign such documents. Moreover, any transfer of assets should be accompanied by payments of 50 % of their cost to creditors - he has explained. Sergey Polonsky also denies presence of arrangements on transfer of assets with misters of Trotsenko and Golubevym. All projects remained in the company - he insists, refusing the further comments.