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Serdjukov: conditions of placing of military base in Tajikistan remain former

Moscow counts that the contract on prolongation of stay in Tajikistan Russian military base will be concluded in October of this year on former conditions, Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdjukov has declared on July, 6th. This object in Tajikistan is the largest Russian overland base outside of Russia, on it serve about 7 thousand military men, reminds RIA News . The base is an important element in the general system of safety is central - the Asian region, negotiations on stay of object in Tajikistan are conducted since 2008. A deadline of stay of base, under present contracts, - 2014. Money to Tajikistan Russia now does not pay for stay of base, however renders military - the technical help to this country (thus officially it is not considered in quality payments for base stay). I hope that in October ours tadzhikistanskie colleagues will be ready and will sign all documents. I think that a financial lease term remains former - mister Serdjukov has told following the results of 62 - go sessions of Ministerial council of defence of the CIS.