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Only esery oppose the law about NKO

the Supreme court demands to finish the amendments toughening the requirements to the noncommercial organisations, the chairman of the council has declared at the president under human rights and development of a civil society Michael Fedotov. The correspondent FM Uljana Malashenko has told details to leader Andrey Norkinu.
- That speak, how it is all is discussed?

- For the present discussion of this bill has not begun.

- I mean, any can be, informal there is a dialogue because it is obvious one of the main things that today.

- Yes, it is valid so. It is already known, fractions act for the project or against the project, now I will tell more in detail. It is known that three fractions of the lower chamber of parliament from four are going to vote for adoption of law about NKO in the first reading. This document allocates the noncommercial organisations which are financed from - for a boundary and are engaged in political activity, the status of the foreign agent. And to support the law have solved an United Russia LDPR and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Communists explain the decision to that now document formulations have specified, and speech does not go about all NKO.

Besides, in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation say that support of this document, in the general - that, is included into a line of traditional values of party. And esery is a unique fraction which opposes this law on the noncommercial organisations. And originally in Fair Russia declared that will vote against, however there was then an information that probably they will refrain. At party of only 64 places in the State Duma from 450, and thus it is clear that, most likely, the bill will be accepted in the first reading today as all - taki the majority in the parliament lower chamber support it.

And I will notice that do not agree with adoption of this law also representatives of stand-alone opposition. Party members the Apple and some other liberal active workers have spent today a series of single pickets at the State Duma building. And, as the leader of this party Sergey Mitrokhin has explained, the law simply spoils reputation of the noncommercial organisations which are engaged socially - in useful activity. As an example it has resulted association activity the Voice .