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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company the Center of the International Certification (OGRN 1037835041518, an INN 7816115320, ph. 89523741095, e-mail ooo. cms. spb@gmail. com, the address for correspondence: St.-Petersburg, It is old - the Peterhof avenue, d. 9, lighted.), informs that the auctions by means of the public offer (the newspaper 72 from 21. 04. 2012, the announcement 77030462153 is published on p. 7) on property sale ( a prize 1 ), belonging Open joint-stock to a society Industrial complex mjasoptitsa Oryol (an INN 5701000142, OGRN 1025700845444, the location 302009, the Eagle, street Northern, d. 1) are recognised by taken place. The winner recognises the Closed joint-stock company Medical information technology (an INN 7709689560, OGRN 1067746812099, the location 109147, Moscow, street Nizhniy Novgorod, d. 1), suggested price 2 612 250 rbl. 00 copeck the Winner of the auctions is not the interested person in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director. In the capital of the winner of the auctions the competitive managing director and NP the Moscow self-adjustable organisation of professional arbitration managing directors do not participate.