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Kurgan economy are afraid of shortage of forages from -

Landowners of the Kurgan region are afraid for droughts not to prepare necessary quantity of forages during the current year from - for droughty weathers, informs a press - service of department of agriculture and region process industry. there is a danger not to prepare a forage to the full. Droughty weather very strongly harms. Practically all has burnt down, especially in the south - results a press - service of a word of the chief of department of plant growing of department of agriculture and process industry of region of Alexander Toroptseva. By data a press - services if in Makushinsky, Safakulevsky and Half-Ovinsky areas the soil drought in Zverinogolovsky and Virgin a drought complex - rains were not all the summer long is observed. Referring to mister Toroptseva it is noticed that the exit can be found if to mobilise all reserves - to agree with neighbours, with at whom rains were. For example, in Petuhovsky area in one economy there are 600 hectares donnika on senazh - results a press - service of its word. According to the message, for today it is already prepared about 10 thousand tons of hay (12 %) and an order of 6 thousand tons senazha (2 %). As it is marked in a press - release, in parallel with kosovitsej to areas there is a processing of steams. In spite of the fact that the soil from - for droughts became very firm, landowners prepare the earth for crops, though a drought strongly complicates and udorozhaet process . Besides, by data the press - services, is spent to areas processing of fields insektitsidami. The special fear causes a meadow moth which has already destroyed 3 thousand in hectare rapsa in Vargashinsky area. Though there a situation it was possible to localise, the problem in area while remains. Now against wreckers it is processed more than 15 thousand in hectare.