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Broken Boeing has not held on before landings

GSU SKR has stopped criminal case upon plane Boeing accident - 737 - 505 in Perm, which victims of a steel 82 passengers and six crewmen. Business is again stopped under item 4. P.1 item 24 UPK the Russian Federation in connection with death of the suspected commander of the aircraft of Rodion Medvedev. During the investigation the consequence has come to a conclusion that technical malfunctions, and also deviations from rules of input of commander Medvedev an accident immediate cause were not. Thus in SKR have noticed that the widow of mister Medvedev agrees with conclusions of the investigation.

as appears from the decision about the removal of action, the corresponding decision was accepted the senior inspector on especially important issues SKR Nikolay Ushchapovsky on June, 22nd, 2012. We will remind, Boeing, following flight Moscow - the Sheremetyevo - Perm, has broken on September, 14th, 2008 at 5 o`clock 10 minutes local time. As a result 88 persons who were onboard were lost all. As has established Interstate aviation committee (POPPY), accident has occurred from - for losses by crew, first of all the commander of the aircraft Rodion Medvedev, spatial orientation. Mister Medvedev sharp disproportionate movements of a steering wheel has entered the plane in intensive left krenenie therefore the aircraft has turned over and has fallen in a ravine near to the Trans-Siberian highway.

the investigation was spent also by investigating bodies SKR. On September, 14th, 2008 the Perm interdistrict department of the Ural SOU on transport of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation had been brought criminal case on ch. 3 items 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of the air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons). This very day business was accepted to manufacture by the main investigatory management, and on February, 27th, 2010 has been stopped in connection with death of suspect Rodion Medvedev. Conclusions of the investigation about causes of the tragedy have actually repeated the report the POPPY.

on April, 21st the same year under complaints suffered investigation it has been renewed. To the inspector it has been allowed to spend instructions additional investigatory actions, in particular, to state a legal estimation to actions of the persons who spending preflight survey of pilots and have admitted mister Medvedev to control of airplane. During the investigation has been in addition interrogated Loginov`s medical assistant which has admitted crew to a departure. On interrogation it has shown that signs of alcoholic intoxication at the commander of the aircraft (KVS) and the second pilot has not been revealed. Also the inspector had been gave the analysis to actions of the dispatcher, getting the plane on landing in the airport Big Savino. As a result the mister Ushchapovsky has drawn a conclusion that at work with crew a number of insignificant infringements of technologies and discrepancies has been admitted at radio exchange conducting, however, causally - investigatory communication with accident they are not in a straight line.

has not found a consequence of structure of a crime and in actions of officials of the qualifying commission of the Arkhangelsk management of the state aviasupervision, the confirmed Rodion Medvedev on post KVS Boeing 737. We will remind, according to the report the POPPY, mister Medvedev has been appointed to this post without passage komandirskih courses. It has been during the investigation established that the given requirement of the program of preparation of flight structure (PPLS) is recommendatory. Also Nikolay Ushchapovsky in the decision about refusal in criminal case excitation notices that in PPLS Boeing 737 airlines Aeroflot - the North and PPLS civil aircraft from 1992 there are disagreements. In particular, the last do not reflect features of preparation dvuhchlennyh crews. But the inspector does a conclusion that features of preparation of crew also an accident immediate cause were not.

the same conclusions are made and by results of studying of a technical condition of the plane. It is established that before a fatal departure the aircraft had two malfunctions: the nonfunctioning automatic machine of management of draught of engines (on some modes it led to display raznotjaga engines), and also malfunction of onboard system of the prevention of collisions (TCAS). For an estimation of influence of these malfunctions on emergency occurrence the pilots who were carrying out flights on the broken liner have been interrogated. From materials of their interrogations follows that at carrying out of flights raznotjag arose only on some modes. Pilots did not consider thus given phenomenon as malfunction also to a management about it did not report. In total in such conditions in August, 2008 12 flights have been executed.

on September, 6th, 2010 business has been stopped on the same bases, and in a week investigation has been again renewed. Preliminary investigation term has been prolonged till August, 15th, 2012. According to sources , against the criminal case termination in connection with death of the suspect Rodion Medvedev`s widow acted. This possibility has appeared at it after after modification of item 4 of item 24 UPK relatives of women under investigation had a possibility to demand end of investigation of criminal case with a view of dokazyvanija innocence of the died. Meanwhile in SKR have explained that now Medvedev`s madam with conclusions of the investigation agrees and to prove innocence of the husband more does not intend.