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Developers were constructed

For six months volume of transactions in the market of commercial real estate of Russia has made almost $2 mlrd, till the end of the year it can reach $7 mlrd, has counted up Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). If not spring presidential elections of the Russian Federation and crisis in the European Union, the Russian developers could earn even more.
from January till June of this year the volume of investments into the Russian real estate has made $1,8 mlrd, or on 18 % less than the similar period of last year, is told in report Jones Lang LaSalle. Among large transactions - the repayment Austrian Immofinanz 50 % torgtsentra Gold Babylon - Rostokino British Raven Russia all logoparka Pushkino RD Group Gagika Adibekjana of 40 % torgtsentra Seasons on the Kutuzovsky prospectus.

almost 70 % of all purchases are made in Moscow, the senior analyst of department of researches Cushman and Wakefield Alexander Zinkovsky specifies. Under its data, in the first half of the year the volume of transactions has made $4,2 mlrd that on 7 % below a similar indicator of last year. Cushman and Wakefield has considered in the calculations purchase Morgan Stanley for $1,1 mlrd Petersburg torgtsentra Gallery (192 thousand sq.). But this transaction, according to one of its participants, has been closed in the end of 2011.

after crisis the volume of investments in the second half of the year showed growth: so, according to JLL, in January - June, 2010 it has been made transactions on $1 mlrd, or on 45 % more than in the similar period 2009 - go. Following the results of two quarters 2011 it has been redeemed real estate on $2,2 billion In Jones Lang LaSalle reduction of transactions in the first half of the year explain to that investors have lowered activity from - for presidential election in Russia and crisis in an eurozone. So, in January - June of this year in Germany the total sum of transactions with commercial real estate was reduced to 16 % - to $11 billion

In the Russian market of real estate last year when the total amount of the concluded transactions has made $8,5 mlrd was the most record: such indicators in the country was not since 2003 (the schedule see). But in the near future hardly this historical maximum will be exceeded, advisers consider. Under forecasts Jones Lang LaSalle, following the results of this year the volume of transactions will make $6,5 mlrd; Cushman and Wakefield name the sum $7 billion

From all segments at investors trading and office real estate is in demand: on their share, according to Alexander Zinkovsky, it is necessary more than half of all transactions. Low indicators in warehouse and hotel real estate, are continued by it, speak absence of objects attractive to investors.

advisers in Russia, unlike the western colleagues, consider in the calculations not only purchases of ready real estate, but also developer projects. In total amount of transactions on a share of under construction objects in different years it is necessary from third to half of purchases. But even with such technique of calculation the share of the Russian segment in the European market is small. For comparison: according to Jones Lang LaSalle, last year the volume of transactions with ready real estate in Great Britain has made $51,5 mlrd, in Germany - $31,6 mlrd, in France - $22,6 billion