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Russian Orthodox Church has introduced alternative system of sales

the Hamovnichesky court has rejected the claim about commercial activity in the Temple of the Christ of the Savior. The chairman of a society of protection of the rights of consumers Public control Michael Anshakov has commented on a situation to leader Alexey Korneyev.
as claimant on this business the society of protection of the rights of consumers " acts; Public control . Its representatives have found out that in temple territory the car-care centre, a dry-cleaner and shops operate. Thus cash registers, books of complaints and correctly issued price lists in them are not present. As the respondent under the claim the religious organisation " acts; the Farmstead of the patriarch .

- the Judgement was for you expected?

- In any degree, yes. Always you hope that justice will triumph also court will be guided by the law, instead of expediency, including political or other any. But, unfortunately, our reality suggests otherwise.

- what arguments have been resulted in favour of the respondent? It is clear that when you trade, cash registers are necessary, books of complaints and so on are necessary.

- you know, arguments of the respondent I would name original enough, partly even ridiculous. At first they denied that they in general trade in a temple, referred to the Moscow government to which it belongs, and on fund of the Temple of the Christ of the Savior. Now they speak about the following: yes, they carry out activity certain. But this activity not trading and not commercial, and following property. When the person comes to a church bench in temple territory, and in territory of the consecrated part of a temple, and speaks: I am possible I will buy a gold chain without any religious symbolics, or the egg made under Faberge for 150 thousand of rbl., or any garment, or even a package polyethylene for 5 rbl. That he does not buy these goods, and he endows to a temple money voluntary, and its temple endows with these goods at which he has pointed a finger. They name this activity not trading, but activity of the religious organisation on distribution of subjects of religious appointment. And, once again I will underline, they carry all to subjects of religious appointment: from gold products to polyethylene packages.

- a crafty position. Whether you will challenge a judgement?

- it is natural, we will challenge this judgement. In any way it is impossible to agree with it. It contradicts not only to our law, such interesting precedent when any trading network can sell now, say, orthodox iPhone or iPad is created and not to pay not only taxes, but also not to satisfy the claim of consumers. We though, of course, we understand will challenge that in our courts while at us the justice system is not restored, it is problematic enough.

- Yes, I come in Apple, to crying, more precisely, I give money to any welfare fund of the company which supports needy, and me for it present with any production of the company.

- Approximately, such alternative scheme of sales as it already now start to name, the Russian Orthodox Church has introduced.

is original nou - hau.

- Nou - hau, yes. Most likely, here again the law will be applied selectively. I so understand that Russian Orthodox Church will allow to be engaged in this activity but if the ordinary citizen tells: I want to do too most to it, most likely, will forbid.