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Sotoviki do not pull a network

the Cellular operators working in territory of the Samara region, have reported about modernisation of networks in region in the first half of the year 2012. Their cumulative investment budget, according to participants of the market, in 2012 will exceed 500 million roubles. According to the experts, sotoviki began to build less but more to modernise existing networks, raising safety factor and promising improvement of quality of the mobile Internet. However, by estimations of analysts, data transmission yet does not bring profit, providing thus to 20 % of a gain. The situation, under forecasts of experts, will change the next years.
the operators of cellular communication working in territory of the Samara region, have reported about results of works on modernisation of networks in the first half of the year 2012. This week Open Society Mobile Telesystems Has informed on end of the next stage of modernisation in which frameworks of 100 % of a transport infrastructure of a network in Samara and 70 % of a network in Tolyatti are translated on IP - technologies. as a result average speed of the mobile Internet has grown on 50 %, and volume of the daily traffic - on 25 % - mark in the company. Financing volumes do not reveal.

however, these works neunikalny - the similar technology in the Samara region is used also by other operators the big three . According to the director of the Samara branch of Open Society Vympelcom Konstantin Chudakova, she allows flexibly to project a network, at it high fault tolerance, she allows to generate additional services for subscribers, for example, IP - television and local networks for clients B2B . For networks 3,5G application IP - technologies gives the chance to avoid overloads and to increase user`s speed - mister Chudakov has explained. In the Samara branch of Open Society Vympelcom (the Samara region except for the Stavropol, Syzransky and Shigonsky areas which are included into the Tolyatti branch) yesterday have specified, in 2012 actively work over perfection in - door coverings (have improved quality of a signal in premises) and increases in capacity of a network . In the first half of the year 2012 of the investment into network development have made an order of 100 million roubles, the network capacity 2G and 3,5G in October, Industrial, by Kirovsk, the Soviet and Railway areas of Samara has been increased. in - door coverings have got to an increase zone the premises which are in areas of the Moscow and Factory highway, Charles Marx`s prospectus, streets Is new - Garden, Is new - Station, Is old - Zagory, Stavropol, 22 - go Partsezda, Vladimir, etc.

In the Megaphone Yesterday have specified that for the second quarter 2012 in the Samara region it has been established more than 50 new base stations 2G and 3G on purpose to finish a covering and a communication quality . By own estimations, a network the Megaphone - biggest in the Samara region, includes more than 2 thousand base stations. Investments into technical works into the companies do not open, only underline that in the course of time they do not decrease. The quantity of subscribers of the operator using the mobile Internet, comes nearer to a mark of 900 thousand users. about 80 % of territory of the Samara branch it is provided by a network covering 3,5G. The network will develop In areas in northern areas, in Kljavlinsky and Komyshlinsky - Konstantin Chudakov tells. We do not put before ourselves a problem to provide a total covering of a network 3G in region, concentrating efforts in those areas where services of the high-speed mobile Internet are really claimed by subscribers - have underlined in a press - MTS service.

by estimations of operators, 3G is as much as possible demanded standard of mobile data transmission among inhabitants of the Samara region. As appears from the analytical report of the company Yandex Internet Development in regions of Russia for last three years the monthly audience of the mobile Internet has grown almost twice, whereas Internet audience as a whole - only on 50 %. By data Yandex in 2011 Internet penetration in PFO has made 44 %, the Volga region is in the lead on presence of the organisations at the Internet. Thus cost of access to the Internet in PFO - one of the lowest - 62 roubles a month for 1 Mbit/ with, an average index on districts - 145 roubles. By estimations of the director for development Comme il faut Consulting Evgenie Solomatina, even repeated growth of volumes of data transmission in networks of mobile operators yet does not generate profit sotovikam, making thus to 20 % of a gain. However, by its estimations, the situation will change in the nearest three - five years.