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Substitution of debts

the Government of the Saratov region continues work on state debt reduction. The next two months the region will obtain the next credit from the federal budget for reformatting debts. Analysts positively estimate work of administration of the region in this direction, considering that governor Radaev will try to use lobbist possibilities on a maximum.
in the third quarter 2012 the area government plans to involve the budgetary credit from the federal budget at a rate of 2 mlrd roubles. As have informed in the regional Ministry of Finance, means will be used for replacement of bank credits budgetary in structure of a public debt of area. It, by estimates of department, will allow to save an order of 50 million roubles of expenses on state debt service. While it is not known, whether the federal centre will lay down any conditions of granting of the credit.

intention to take the new credit last Friday at session of regional Public chamber was declared also by governor Valery Radaev. the area Economy is now in a shelter and to leave deadlock, it is necessary to develop the mechanism. While it is senseless to load the budget, on the contrary, it is necessary to unload it and thus it is necessary to cut sometimes on live - he has told in the performance.

a region state debt in the last some years only increased: according to Central Bank regional government, in 2010 he has grown on 48,3 %, in 2011 - m - on 34,4 %. On the beginning of 2012 the state debt has reached 30,9 mlrd roubles, and for January, 1st, 2013 - is planned at a rate of 35,5 mlrd roubles. Annually the area spends for its service more than 2 mlrd roubles. Thus the debt most part expensive bank credits - 79,5 %, according to GU make the Central Bank. In absolute expression, at present the region debts under credits of banks make nearby 28,6 mlrd roubles.

the re-structuring problem did not dare many years and, according to observers, became one of the reasons on which the previous governor of the Saratov region Pavel Ipatov has left the post. Mister Radaev right after appointments and. The island of the governor in March, 2012 declared struggle against a state debt as one of priority directions in work of the regional government .

at a rate of 1,5 mlrd roubles the government of mister Radaeva has received the First budgetary credit in May, after a working meeting of the vice-president of the government of the Saratov region Pavel Bolshedanova with the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanovym. The requirement to reduce an account part of the budget of region on 1 mlrd roubles became a condition of granting of money resources, as the regional thought at session in May has made, having optimised expenses of some the ministries. The most considerable reductions of expenses have occurred in spheres of road building and transport - 406 million roubles, agriculture - 125,6 million roubles, formations - 98 million roubles, housing and communal services - almost 60 million roubles, physical culture and sports - 47 million roubles.

on re-structuring of a public debt of region, under the decision of a regional thought, it has been directed 1 mlrd roubles. As Nikolay Semenets, " explained then the chairman of parliamentary committee on the budget and taxes; replacement the bank credit under the rate about 10 % on budgetary under the rate in 4 % has allowed to save areas about 60 million roubles. 500 million roubles more were target: means have been directed on creation of occasional seats in preschool centres. Besides, under the arrangement with the federal centre terms of return of the budgetary credits involved in 2010 on liquidation of consequences of a drought, have been transferred since 2012 for 2013 that has allowed to reduce the size of attraction of bank credits for 343,1 million roubles.

as a whole, the region can receive from the federal centre 5 mlrd roubles. At least, this figure named governor Radaev in April, telling that has received the basic consent then still the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the request for rendering to region of support for re-structuring of credits. Thus, in the fourth quarter probably reception by the regional government 1,5 more mlrd roubles.

observers positively estimate the actions of mister Radaeva directed on reduction of a state debt. The deputy of regional Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergey Afanasev recognises that while promises which the government has made within the limits of the program of financial improvement, are carried out. But we look after their actions, - he has told. - if the means saved at the expense of recrediting will go on a debt covering, is one question. And if where - that still (and there weight of potential items of expenses, the budget - that scarce) we will not reduce debt loading. Last time, on - to mine, less than 10 % have been directed on repayment. Formation of the conciliatory commission on the budget the next year now will begin, we will discuss this question . The deputy believes that till the end of the year the region will receive promised 5 mlrd roubles, and prospects the next year can be estimated after formation of the federal budget.

Eks - Minister of Economics Alexander Stepanov also approves reception of the next loan from the federal budget. let while the economy turns out small, but take care of the pence, the pounds will take care of themselves. Certainly, in an ideal would be to replace all volume of loans with budgetary credits, but hardly it is possible. Budgetary credits simply so are not given - it is necessary to execute a number of conditions, to spend work with the federal centre, - he has told. - I think, the government of area and will move further in this direction. Lobbist possibilities should be used on a maximum .