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On preparation for building of the Nizhniy Novgorod atomic power station (atomic power station) in Navashinsky area of the Nizhniy Novgorod region will leave two years

the Spadework for building of an atomic power station will begin in 2012 and will take two years. The head of the incorporated company of Open Society yesterday has informed on it Nizhniy Novgorod inzhiniringovaja the company Atomenergoproekt - Joint-Stock Company Atomstrojeksport Valery Limarenko. It is necessary to spend engineering arrangement, to create base of the building industry and to solve social problems of people which will participate in a construction of nuclear station... Also it is necessary to organise work under the wood arch, to spend iron and automobile roads, to make a water fence, to spend the electric power and gas - he has told. Term of the beginning of the basic works g - n Limarenko did not name, having explained that it will be defined by reception of the licence necessary for it: At creation of the project we plan to finish technical works in the first quarter of next year. Then there will be some months of work with Rostehnadzorom and Glavgosekspertizoj. As soon as there will be a licence, it will be possible to speak about the beginning of the basic works . The head of the incorporated company has informed that in the basic works, under condition of building of two blocks of station simultaneously, will be involved an order of 7 thousand persons. For maintenance with their habitation is planned to begin building of houses in 2012. We will remind, under the forecasts, the first block of the atomic power station will be placed in operation in 2019, the second block - in 2021. Capacity of each block will make 1,2 thousand MVt. As a whole the project provides building of four blocks, last is planned to place in operation in 2030. Building of two power units is estimated in 240 mlrd rbl.