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Michael Prokhorov and an United Russia divide a brand

Party the Civil platform eks - for Michael Prokhorov`s presidents the name can replace the candidate. According to the leader of its Krasnoyarsk branch Konstantin Senchenko, having outstripped mister Prokhorov, with the similar demand in Ministry of Justice United Russia party members have addressed. In the public organisation created at the party in power the Civil platform have declared that the businessman has tried to select the name of their organisation which is already registered in Ministry of Justice.
that party created by businessman Michael Prokhorov the Civil platform can change the name, the leader of its Krasnoyarsk branch Konstantin Senchenko has declared. It took part in the constituent congress closed for mass-media on July, 7th after which has declared that if the Ministry of Justice will not accept the demand the Civil platform it should change the name. There is an information that a day before our congress the certain initiative group concerning to an United Russia has addressed in Ministry of Justice and has made an application on creation of the organisation with the same name - has informed mister Senchenko. the Situation unusual, the Ministry of Justice " should resolve it; - he has concluded.

we will notice that, according to the law on political parties, the Ministry of Justice has the right to refuse to party registration if the organisation with the similar name is already registered. Also at two identical demands for registration advantage is received by the organisation which has made an application first. Inter-regional social movement the Civil platform it has been created some years ago on the basis of the club of the Center with the same name socially - the conservative policy an United Russia . On a site of Ministry of Justice there are financial reports of movement for 2011. To make sure, how many years exist the organisation, it is enough to enter on its site and to see history of its activity. There the big file of the information which for five minutes you will not create. I do not understand, what for to create the organisation with already existing name - has declared the curator of club, the deputy of the State Duma from an United Russia Igor Igoshin. As he said, the Civil platform is a real project with the civil active workers, working as the network organisation. now people samoorganizovalis also have addressed in Ministry of Justice. They were indignant that a name of their organisation began to select - the deputy has noted, having informed that the organisation will be re-registered as All-Russia. Naming Michael Prokhorov the Kremlin project, mister Igoshin has admitted that the organisation an United Russia cancel, and it (Michael Prokhorov. - ) will register .

One more curator the Civil platform - Boris Tumakov also has declared that about any competition to mister Prokhorov cannot be and speeches: According to a spirit of the age we have simply decided to develop further, and that Prokhorov creates party with the same name, we have apprehended with surprise and some pleasure, the name - that appears is claimed!

we will remind, mister Prokhorov declared a party creation during presidential campaign. Right after summarising of elections on which the businessman has taken the third place (8 %), on the Internet competition on its name which some months lasted has been declared. The won name - the Civil platform - mister Prokhorov declared on June, 4th.

in a press - service of the businessman have declared that about the Civil platform United Russia they do not know. Today we will give documents on registration the Civil platform in Ministry of Justice. In the near future it becomes clear, whether there corresponds this information of the validity and after that we will make the decision - have informed .

Political scientist Alexey Mukhin considers that mister Prokhorov should change the party name. as far as I know, Prokhorov for a long time warned that such name is already used. But I think that, confirming at its congress, it has made a conscious choice that posuditsja with an United Russia and to untwist the party - the expert considers.