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Tobacco smoke has informed to regions

the Kirov region has started working out of own antitobacco bill. The authorities intend to limit smoking in public places and to enter penalties for infringers. In estimations of the bill experts agree in opinion that control over its execution becomes the basic problem.
the order about creation of working group which will be engaged in working out of the regional antitobacco law, on Monday was signed by the governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belyh. Led by the vice-president of the regional government Dmitry Matveevym and. An island of the chief of department of public health services Elena Utemova, the main health officer of region Elizabeth Belousova, public figures, teachers, doctors and lawyers should collect offers from the population and study positions of new edition of the similar federal law which is now discussed in Moscow. In the regional law developers first of all plan to limit smoking in public places: it is supposed, will forbid what to smoke in public catering institutions, public transport, at stops, in culture establishments and sports, and also during mass holidays.

at federal level of the amendment of the law About public health care from influence of a surrounding tobacco smoke and consequences of consumption of tobacco offered by Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation, are discussed a year. The project registers powers of authorities in sphere of control over smoking, and also the rights of businessmen to establish an interdiction for smoking in own premises. The document suggests to limit smoking in certain places, to enter price and tax sanctions and to establish an interdiction for tobacco advertising. Last week the document have sent on the next circle of coordination. According to plan of Minzdravsotsrazvitija, it should be brought in the government till November, 1st, 2012. In parallel deputies of the State Duma, having considered that the ministry bill is insufficiently effective, have offered alternative and in the near future this variant are going to submit for consideration parliament.

it is impossible to name the law in force effective, and the new law which urged to toughen positions previous is developed. All are tightened, change formulations, something is softened, and there is no understanding that will be as a result - has explained activity of the Kirov region in this question Dmitry Matveev. As he said, the region is ready to make everything to toughen the federal document as soon as its total version will be accepted: If law positions are softened, we leave with the offer. And everything that it is possible to make at region level as much as possible to toughen it, we will make. Within the limits of our powers - to release from smoking it is as much as possible places of public stay and to enter administrative responsibility . According to mister Matveeva, the size of the penalty has no value: Both 100 roubles, and 1000 roubles - are unpleasantly identical. It is important, that people have passed to other culture of consumption of tobacco and respected those who does not smoke . As has explained the vice-president, poll spent among owners of cafe and restaurants of Kirov, has shown that businessmen support the initiative of the authorities as division of halls on smoking and non-smoking is inefficient - it is necessary to build separate premises. As to control mechanisms spot-checks as it was with the so-called law " will be spent at first; about an open bottle which in the Kirov region have accepted two years ago (forbids drinking in public places even weak alcohol. - ) : At first there were spot-checks and penalties, and now will very seldom meet the person with a bottle in hands . Other techniques should be developed to special group.

the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region Sergey Luzjanin says that purely on - chelovecheski would support the bill but as zakonotvorets considers that it is necessary to provide alternative: for example, at restaurants and cafe to open rooms for smoking. Besides, the deputy believes that the size of the penalty should exceed several times cost of a pack of cigarettes, and punishment - to be inevitable: In Singapore the penalty for the thrown stub makes $1 thousand There to anybody even in a head will not come to throw something on sidewalk . However, according to the deputy, control of execution of the law can become a problem: If the person has come to cafe and has lighted, it will ask to extinguish a cigarette? Then the restaurant will lose the client. And if he refuses, will cause militia? . the large penalty can become the effective measure. But who will watch it? - the director kirovo - Chepetsk noncommercial partnership " continues; hospitality Association the managing director of hotel Sports Alexander Mogilevkin. In its opinion, on 100 % forbid smoking at itself in an institution any regional owner of restaurant or hotel cannot: We will simply lose the clients. The Kirov region - not tourist Mecca, tourists in turn are not built . The president of the Nizhniy Novgorod restaurant group the Feast Alexander Kotjusov, on the contrary, does not consider that the idea of the Kirov government will cause a damage to restaurant business: the smoking Interdiction should be realised for each owner of restaurant business. If at a time all points of a food of region make decision to forbid to smoke it will not affect in any way their attendance and accordingly on a gain .

the Operating partner of group of the legal companies Konsul Marina Misjukevich says that responsibility for law observance will lay down as on shoulders of law enforcement bodies which should fine infringers, and on shoulders of administrations of theatres, cafe and etc. But anyway, the lawyer marks, the Kirov authorities should wait acceptances of the federal law as for a long time its consideration that regional to it did not contradict was tightened. If the new federal law is not accepted, local lawyers should study all certificates operating today to exclude points at issue.