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The State Duma will support criminal law

Today the State Duma from approval of president Vladimir Putin will reconsider one of initiatives eks - president Dmitry Medvedev on Criminal code decriminalization (UK). Deputies an United Russia in the first reading are going to approve amendments which will return from the Code about administrative offences (KoAP) in UK article Slander . Opposition and experts are afraid mode toughenings .
Yesterday the decision concerning returning in UK item 129 (slander) have accepted the president and the Duma committee on the criminal legislation. we will choose the decision - we will leave in criminal law (article about slander. - ), but we will ask deputies to withdraw as the sanction imprisonment - Vladimir Putin has declared at a meeting with legal experts. And the profile committee recommended to the State Duma to approve today the bill in the first reading. To return in UK article about slander in the end of last week the group of United Russia party members led by the head of committee of the criminal legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov has offered (see from July, 7th). The maximum punishment is offered for slander, connected to charge of the person in grave crime fulfilment (the penalty from 300 thousand to 500 thousand rbl., forced hard labour or imprisonment for the term up to five years). At the same time the project toughens punishment for an insult (item 5. 61 KoAP) and infringement of inviolability of private life (item 137 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

Slander has passed from the category of crimes in a category of offences only last year. On liberalisation UK deputies of the State Duma of last convocation have accepted a package of amendments in November, 2011. President Dmitry Medvedev who heads now the government and " was the initiator of decriminalization of article about slander; United Russia . Then the bill went through our committee, and we, of course, voted for - has declared Pavel Krasheninnikov. But any contradictions that article comes back in UK, he does not see, as now it will have a new edition - there will be new structures of a crime, including slander with use of office position . The deputy has declared that the committee can clean punishment in the form of imprisonment and will solve, as is more effective to punish rouble . As he said, quite probably that amendments will be already accepted till the end of session.

the State Duma corrects not for the first time that was accepted before - has declared the co-author of the bill Dmitry Vyatkin. And other co-author, Alexander Hinstein, has declared That else in last convocation it opposed transferrings of article about slander to KoAP, however to express the the protest could not, because has been occupied by election campaign in Samara. It is remarkable that in the official response of the government signed by the head of governmental body vitse - prime minister Vladislav Surkovym, also it is told about support of the bill with the reservation on inadmissibility of sanctions in the form of imprisonment.

representatives of all oppositional fractions have declared that will not support the amendment. vitse - the speaker of the State Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev has declared that absolutely correct operating edition of the law, and " is; under article about slander any statements, even statements of deputies " can get;. I consider that it lies in one plane with laws on meetings, NKO and deprivation of inviolability and conducts to mode toughening - has declared a deputy head of fraction Fair Russia Michael Yemelyans. it is simply ridiculous, shameful for parliament. What, revolution has occurred, and have started laws to untwist in other party? - the committee-man under the criminal legislation from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Yury Sinelshchikov is perplexed. As he said, application UK it should be reduced: the society in which the main regulator of public relations becomes UK, is the society doomed to rotting, totalitarian or simply degrading . For half a year which have passed from the moment of decriminalization of this article UK, it is impossible to make judiciary practice generalisation the communist has added.

opposite, carrying over of article about slander to KoAP occurred on an insisting jurists who proved that grazhdansko - legal responsibility completely satisfies the person in which relation a damaging evidence " is extended; Has declared the lawyer, a member of Public chamber of Henry Reznik. the state and not a society suffers From slander not. The concrete person whom have discredited suffers, - it has explained. - practice shows that condemnation for slander are individual. But all these of condemnation motivirovanny - they were punishment for criticism . In UK the lawyer considers article returning raskruchivaniem a repressive flywheel . not captured by this flywheel remain while only those who allows the generalised criticism, for example names party in power party of swindlers and thieves - the expert speaks. - if the power will intend to find a measure and against such slanderers it is enough to it to enter in UK analogue of item 58 (after item 70) the Soviet criminal legislation which was called Anti-Soviet propaganda and propagation also punished for Distribution of the data discrediting Soviet state and the social order .