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The president of Romania a post has handed over

Race for power
the President of Romania Trajan Besesku yesterday has delegated the power to the chairman of the Upper chamber of parliament Krinu Antonesku. It has been compelled to take such step after the Romanian Constitutional court recognised as lawful made earlier deputies of parliament the decision on removal to the head of the state of a vote of no confidence.

members of parliament from Liberally - the social union (LSS), headed by prime minister Victor Pontoj became initiators of impeachment. In their opinion, president Besesku has roughly broken norms of the constitution, having reserved the right to itself to represent Romania at sessions of the European council. Besides, the head of the state, according to members LSS, has illegally incurred a role of the Minister of Finance, without any coordination having entered into the country of a measure of rigid budgetary economy.

Trajan Besesku rejects all accusations brought to its. The overall objective of my discharge - to put legal system and the state institutes under control of parties sotsial - a liberal alliance - he has declared after voting in parliament. Mister Besesku connected considerable hopes with the Constitutional court, however on Monday evening it became known that its complaint is rejected. Now the destiny of the president will definitively be defined on a national referendum which will presumably take place on July, 29th. Krin Antonesku will fulfil until then duties of the head of the state.