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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company “ the Lawyer “ (426000, Izhevsk, street Novoazhimova, 7/ 10, ph. 8 - 950 - 157 - 16 - 46, e - a mail: is absent), operating on the basis of the contract of the commission น1 from 17. 07. 2012, informs on carrying out of the electronic auctions on sale a uniform prize property Open Company “ the Udmurt building company “ (426039, the Udmurt Republic, Izhevsk, street New Smirnovsky, 13, an INN 1834028774, OGRN 1021801591041, business about bankruptcy นภ71 - 7196/ 2011 ร14): welding shop metallokonstruktsy (appointment: the industrial; the area: 521 sq. m; etazhnost: 1; inv. น40106; letters: And; the object address: Ur, Izhevsk, street New Smirnovsky, 13; cadastral (or conditional) number 18 - 18 - 01/ 045/ 2005 - 932); shop of isolation of pipes (appointment: the industrial; the area: 531,2 sq. m; etazhnost: 1; inv. น40106; letters:; the object address: Ur, Izhevsk, street New Smirnovsky, 13; cadastral (or conditional) number 18 - 18 - 01/ 045/ 2005 - 933); the right of rent of the ground area the area of 6936 sq. m (cadastral number 18:26:030031:0006), including 5823 sq. m in water protection to a zone, located to the address: Ur, Izhevsk, street New Smirnovsky, 13; the lorry GAS - 66 (VIN: XTH006611J0550620; HARDWARE type: buses other; year of manufacturing: 1988); lorry ZIL - 4505 (VIN: n/ at; HARDWARE type: a cargo dump-body truck; year of manufacturing: 1992); lorry KAMAZ - 5320 (VIN: XTั532000N0402428; HARDWARE type: the cargo onboard; year of manufacturing: 1992); loader UNK - 320 (year of release: 1992); dredge ETTS - 208 (year of release: 1988); trailer SZAP - 83571 (VIN: n/ at; HARDWARE type: prits. Cargo. The onboard; year of manufacturing: 1993); the trailer 2สม - 817 (year of release: 1993); the trailer 2สม - 819 (year of release: 1992); the car - a change house (year of release 1990); a share in Open Company authorised capital stock “ The Izhevsk building complex “ a face-value of 50000 roubles (OGRN 1041803714578, an INN 1834032386). The auctions are spent in the form of auction, are opened on structure of participants and giving of offers at the price. The initial price of sale makes 19 635 814,00 rbl., taking into account the VAT. The step of auction 981 790,70 rbl. the Deposit 3 927 162,80 rbl. is brought on following requisites: Open Company “ the Lawyer “: an INN/ a check point 1832056159/ 183201001, r/ with 40702810528000000742 in Udmurt Pิ Open Society “ Rosselhozbank “ Izhevsk, to/ with 30101810100000000710, BIK 049401710 in time, providing its receipt on the settlement account, to an expiry date of demands acceptance for participation in the auctions. The auctions are spent 10. 09. 12 in 15 - 00 hour. On an electronic platform of Open Society “ the realisation Center “ - www. centerr. ru. The application form for participation in the auctions is made out any way in writing in Russian, subscribes ETSP and should contain data and the documents provided by item 11 of item 110 FZ “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) “. Demands go to the operator of an electronic platform within 25 working days with 30. 07. 12 the Winner of the auctions admit the person who has offered the highest price. Data on an order and criteria of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale, revealing of the winner of the auctions are provided item 110 FZ “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) “ the Order of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation น54. Property payment is carried out within 30 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. To familiarise with data on property, the contract draught on the deposit, purchase and sale contracts, registration and application rules it is possible on a site of an electronic platform. The additional information can be received at the organizer of the auctions.