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All in London prepare for the big holiday

on July, 27th on opening of Games in London Dmitry Medvedev who will head the Russian delegation at solemn ceremony will go. In the British capital of profit already many Russian sportsmen, businessmen and public figures. From Games with conducting Andrey Norkinym businessman Vadim Dymov has shared the expectations.
- as there with weather at you?

- With weather like all it is quite good: yesterday there was very warm good weather, today too. The sprinkling Perhaps, is expected, but I think that it only for a while.

- what London without a rain? Same not Moscow, eventually. At you what mood, expectations what?

- If I will tell fighting it will sound funny. I expectation that will have today a big holiday, and, basically, all today for it prepare. London is very strongly loaded, the big stoppers. I think that it is connected by that will be today in the evening opening, there will arrive many visitors from all over the world. Yesterday all of us has collected to itself on a visit Bosco House where delegations have been united: Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish. We sat late, discussed, talked, there were many actors, musicians, officials from sports and in general many remarkable people.

- you as long plan to be on the Olympic Games? Any concrete, maybe, sports allocate for itself?

- Yes, certainly. I cannot stay, unfortunately, all Olympic Games, but I would like to descend, of course, on a sword, on boxing, probably, at volleyball and I will look at any first competitions today.