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the Organizer of the auctions of Open Company LedSoft. ru (an INN 2632084584, Mails. The address: 357500, Stavropol Territory, Pyatigorsk, street Moscow, 63, p. 1, of. 16, bodies.: 8 (8793) 404447, e - a mail: ledsoft@ledsoft. ru), informs on results of the auctions appointed on 24. 07. 2012 on sale of property of the debtor Open Company Rostop (an INN 1511010297, OGRN 1021500943640, the legal address: 362000, Republic North Ossetia - Alanija, Right-bank area, Beslan, street Dzarahohova, 33) the Auctions on to a prize 1 are recognised by taken place, the winner - Dudko Denis Vjacheslavovich (the address: 357910, Zelenokumsk, Zarechnaja, 33, an INN 261901644006) with the price 6114150,00 rbl. the Winner has no interest in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director. The auctions on to a prize 2 are recognised by not taken place as has not arrived any application form for participation.

In this connection the organizer of the auctions appoints the repeated auctions on to a prize 2 in the form of open auction with the open form of giving of demands and offers on the price. The initial price of a prize is lowered on 10 %. The information on prize structure, a place of acquaintance with property, the size of the deposit and an auction step, the list of the documents applied on the demand, the information which should be specified in the demand, the settlement account on which the deposit is brought, the contract draught on the deposit, an order of definition of the winner of the auctions, an imprisonment term of the contract of purchase and sale, is placed in the announcement 77030503405 on a site www. kommersant. ru, published also in the newspaper 104 from 09. 06. 2012, on p. 23. The auctions will take place 12. 09. 2012 in 12. 00 (Moscow time) to the address: bankrotstvo. sberbank - ast. ru. Summarizing will take place 12. 09. 2012 in 18. 00. Application forms for participation are accepted in electronic form with 06. 08. 2012, 11. 00, on 10. 09. 2012, 17. 00, on a venue of the auctions.